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    None of my team members are giving me any importance being their team leader

    I am working in a private firm. I am the team leaders of one of the teams consisting of 5 members. None of my team members give me any importance even though I am their leader. They think that I am not fit to lead them. What should I do so that they start showing me some respect?

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    Re: None of my team members are giving me any importance being their team leader

    Arrogance among the team members is cause of concern being ignorant is ok but not the otherwise.. generally as a team member you should have the responsibly and also the respect should be commanded by you.. Be friendly and when team members are sick at their attitude then are not fit to be in the team not you.. You should show your leader ship skills and never compromise on the leadership because being a team leader you should bring all the team members on board and collectively take decision .. So when you assign any work to any member he should do it with questioning i have mentioned that if he doesn't know its ok but when he is not willing to learn anything then its not accepted at all at any cost you should never compromise.. Forget about respect but you should always command your team and assign particular task its his responsibility that an team member does do his duty .. As team leader you should focus on developments and don't make any delay in developments that you expect as it would be a problem to your plans with in the project.. Importance and respect do differ a lot.. The matter of importance is dealt with you only for example if you assign a task and you command it that it should be done within specific time period then you cannot expect that he does everything right so there might be a situation that he should come down to you and ask your approval and suggestion and question you are you satisfied with the work he has done this is want is called giving importance ..got it .. When he is reluctant and not responding to you then its his attitude and irresponsible behavior which will only trouble him in his career .. Whether a person respects team leaders is secondary issue but when he never cares what higher ups are directing you then he will face the music for sure and he will be punished and thrown out of the team.. Don't underestimate yourself and the position you hold be proud of your self and command the respect make yourself important and don't expect others to respect you deal with work work is worship when there is any disturbance and disobedience at work don't tolerate at any cost you have the right and all the power to choose a team members.. So if your not comfortable with the team directly approach the boss and tell your problem without any fear and be categorical in selecting your team members its important that you communicate with team members firstly and proceed with your project assigned to you ..

    When you feel that team members are not comfortable with you then its ok you should approach your boss and speak out that your comfortable with the team so you can have the freedom in selecting team of your choice and requirement all the best

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