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    Non-performing sub editor gets promotion

    I was expecting promotion as promised by my news editor. On the contrary, a non-performing sub editor got the promotion. HR claims that the sub editor is good but some says that it is planned by the management. Please suggest a way to handle the situation.

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    Re: Non-performing sub editor gets promotion

    There can be many reasons to this decision by the organization.There may be certain hidden aspects to this issue which you are unaware of.Every organization has different promotion criteria.It may happen that the sub-editor satisfy those criteria with perfection.It can also happen that the sub-editor has buttered the higher authority too some extent.However,you should accept the decision sportingly and strive on with your hard work to prove your worth and to make the higher authority realize of their mistake.

    -You can enquire as to why you were not given any promotion but do not indulge in an argument for this issue.
    -You can ask the higher authority what are the conditions for promotions.
    -You can start working hard to get into the good list of the higher authority.
    -Work according to the conditions of promotions.
    -Plan your work and act with synchronization.
    -Try to be consistent in your good performance.
    -After a period of good service and good performance consistently,you will surely get promotion.

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