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    Non-performing sub editor claims bonus

    Our company management has locked horns with a non performing sub editor. HR claims that the sub editor is good but some says that it is hyped. Now the sub editor is claiming bonus which he doesn’t deserve. Please suggest a way to handle the situation.

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    Re: Non-performing sub editor claims bonus

    This is one of the sensitive issues that is common in professional world.You have to deal the matter carefully because any wrong decision can have negative impact on the company.You can also lose an efficient employee in this process.So,you should check everything and then take a step.

    -First look into the service record of the editor and check it properly.
    -If it is not upto the mark,make the employee realize where he has to improve to get hike in salary.
    -If he has a very good service record,then request him to continue with the same service.
    -Talk to the higher authority regarding giving him bonus and assure him that the matter has been transferred to the higher authority .
    -Ask him to be patient and wait for the decision of the higher authority.
    -If the company is not in a position to give increment,explain the condition of the company and request him to bear with the company for some time.Then he can surely get bonus.

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    Re: Non-performing sub editor claims bonus

    Hi aspirant

    If your company is just giving unnecessary priveleges to the sub-editor even though he is not that good then it is certainly wrong on the part of your company to practice such partiality among its employees . They should learn to treat all their employees with equality and not practice such bias among them. They should not just give unnecesary advantages to a hyped sub editor. Rather such perks should be conferred upon those employees those who are really performing well in their work and are showing improvement and consistency in their work.

    You should not be afraid and put up this matter in front of your manager and make them realise their mistake. Go to your HR and tell him that there is this one sub-editor who is just hyped up and the company is conferring unnecessary advantages upon him like giving him bonus etc. In this way they are doing injustice with other employees who really work hard for the company and don't get anything in return. Thus you request them to give credit to only those who deserve it and not to such hyped up and undeserving employees.

    I am sure this will open up the eyes of your manager and thus they will not do such a thing fromnow on. Good luck

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