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    Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour

    The company management has accolade the worst performing graphic designer with the foreign tour package. We have a team of graphic designers who are equally good but this one is more hyped. I am afraid that a lenient review might seal career’s of the deserving. Please suggest a way to handle the situation.

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    Re: Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour

    Hi aspirant

    I think your company should definitely not give a lenient review of any of the graphic designers as it will definitely lead to discrimination and the deserving employees will surely suffer due to that. So your company should not have bought any prejudice in this matter and should have rewarded the best and the most deserving graphic designer with the foreign tour package.Your company must have given the reward just on the basis of the present performance of the graphic designers and not on other non-essential aspects.

    I think you should go and talk to your manager regarding the same. Tell him that you are here to request the managemnt to review the matter of the foreign tour package again and reward it to the most deserving employee. According to you and the others the employee who has received the packege now is the worst performing employee and is just overhyped. You think that he has been given a lenient review and in this way the career's of others might be sealed. Thus you request the management to please review the performances of all the candidates again and thus give this package to only the best one. You hope that the manager will understand you as you have nothing aginst that employee but want only the best employee to get the package.

    I am sure your manager will look into the matter and do something otherwise you should report it to the higher authorities. Good luck. I hope you get justice . Thanks

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    Re: Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour

    There can be various reasons behind such a decision by your company.So it will be a foolish thing to go against the company directly without any enquiries and discussions.There can be many circumstances which might have compelled the company to select the worst designer according to your opinion.

    It might be that the designer has some exceptional quality which can be handy in the foreign tour and you all might have be unknown of it.Your company might have seen such quality.It can also be that to cope up with the new tasks within the country and other clients,the company needs the good designers to be present and do their work efficiently.The foreign tour might not hold much value to the company as the national demand,so it might have chosen that designer.

    However,you all should not drop the matter.You all have the right to information and should enquire about the complete details regarding such decision.Consult with the boss.Speak about the matter and get to know the company's views regarding this issue.Also get to know what are the reasons behind choosing that designer inspite of detoriating performance.You can request to rethink on this issue by suggesting names of some designer who fits better in the criteria of choosing designer for foreign tour.

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    Re: Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour


    Firstly I will mention that dont get disheartened.Almost everyone has to face situations like this,where less deserving candidates get better opportunities than the deserving ones.This happens due to a number of reasons.at many times it happens due to internal politics which you wont be able to understand from outside.In this particular case,the employers might be biased towards this particular employee ,or he may be oiling or buttering his seniors which has kept him in the top of their favourite list.I know it really bothers when a less deserving candidate gets such opportunity.But try to take it in a positive way.Focus on your job and give your best.You will be paid for your effort.

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    Re: Non-performing graphic designer bags foreign tour

    I do believe your company should not really give a lenient report on any of the graphic designers as it will surely result in discrimination and the deserving employees will truly go through caused by that. Which means your corporation should never have obtained almost any opinion in this particular subject and should possess recognized the most effective and the many deserving graphic designer with all the overseas excursion package.Your corporation needs to have in the pay back simply according to the prevailing efficiency of your graphic designers and and not on other non-essential aspects.

    I do believe a person go and talk to your boss concerning the same. Simply tell him you're below for you to ask a management to review the difficulty of your overseas excursion program once more and pay back the item on the many deserving employee. In accordance with your other people the employee which has received a package today could be the most severe performing member of staff and it's simply over hyped.

    You think that he's got used the lenient review and in this way a career's involving other people can be sealed. Hence a person ask a administration to thrill look at the activities of the candidates once more and therefore offer the following program just to the most effective one. Anyone desire the fact that boss is going to comprehend a person when you don't have anything aginst in which member of staff nevertheless really want only the most effective member of staff to have the package.
    There might be numerous causes of this sort of determination from your company.So the item will be a irrational point for you to not in favor of the firm right without having questions and discussions.There is usually numerous scenarios that might possess motivated the firm for you to select the most severe developer according in your opinion.

    It would be the fact that developer provides a few outstanding excellent which can be useful inside the overseas excursion and everyone will often have possibly be mysterious involving it.Your corporation could can see these quality.It may also be in which for you to contend program the revolutionary chores in just the nation and various customers,the firm wants the nice creative designers for you to be there and work efficiently.The overseas excursion probably won't keep considerably worth on the corporation for the reason that nationwide demand from customers,and so it may have chosen in which designer.

    Having said that,everyone should never shed a matter.You just about all possess the right to info and should question the total information regarding these decision.Consult with all the boss.Speak regarding the difficulty and get the hang of send out ideas regarding the following issue.Also have to be aware what will be the causes of deciding on in which developer despite detoriating performance.You might ask for you to alter for this matter by suggesting companies involving a few developer which satisfies much better in the standards of deciding on developer with regard to overseas tour.

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