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    Non-Participation of employees in role plays

    I am working in HR department as an HR recruiter. Whenever there are non hiring periods I usually arrange some employee friendly activity for their development in their fields. But I am noticing from last one month that some of the employees are resisting the process and donít participate in such kind of activities which will be beneficial for them only. What could be done please explain?

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    Re: Non-Participation of employees in role plays

    Hi aspirant

    You are certainly doing the right thing by arranging for employee-friendly activities for the development of employees in their fields. Now if your employees are not showing any interset in this process and are resisting it instead so thats certainly wrong on their part and as a HR recruiter you should make them realise that it is beneficial for them only and you will not be gaining anything out of it. If they realise this then only they will take more interest in these activities and will participate actively in them.

    You should call them to your office or make an annonouncement while they all are at one place. You should tell them they need to take interest in the activities that you organize during the non-hiring period as they are beneficial for their future and will help them grow as professionals. This will make them learn a lot and thus they will gain experience from it. They should learn to participate actively in them and not give you any more reason for complaint. You hope that will understand what you are trying to say and thus will see them taking more interest from now on.

    I hope your employees will be inspired by your speech and thus will take more interest in such activities. Good luck

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    Re: Non-Participation of employees in role plays

    Hi asker First of all you have to find out why they are not participating them selves. Make your activity more interesting by adding more fun.some times employees may feel these activities are worth and some of are thought its unpaid and some personal reasons so lots of reasons are causes for it.but don't be a nervous go ahead approach every employees and directly ask reasons for non-participation.

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