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    Non issuing of appointment letter by SSI unit/Company having 2 years of experience

    Dear Sir,
    I have been working in an SSI unit/Company for 2 years , Where there are no HR department.Company is ownership type.I joined here march 2011 & continuing till date.
    But at the time of interview i gone with their sweet talk & joined this organisation & they didn't issue appointment letter.Whenever i am asking about this they are simply avoiding this matter.

    a. My question is that how to get the appointment letter.
    b. What happen If i would selected in some other company & their joining period is 2 months and at the time of asking appointment letter they simply write down the notice period more than 2 months.
    c. What i need to do if they won't provide me releasing letter.
    d.They are providing me salary/incentive/bonus/Medical insurance/Flat/bike & Mobile bill.
    e. Still now i am a good , responsible , Highly Skilled worker in this company & no dispute with my owner & Boss.
    f. I want to have a change as salary increment is not satisfactorily.

    Waiting For your Most valued Suggestion

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