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    No standard lunch time for employees

    I work as a counsellor in a training academy where candidates are counselled to choose aviation as their career field.1:30 is the general time for employee’s lunch. But the employer is too rude to allow us have our lunch on time. The counselling awaited takes a long time. What shall be done?

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    Hi buddy There should certainly be a fixed time for lunch and even your employer should have some sense so as to allow his employees to take lunch on time and not overstress them. Your employer should know that the employees get tired by lunch time and thus in order to re-energize them they need lunch and that too on time so that they can perform their best after that. He should have this basic understanding and should not over stress his employees as that will lead to his loss only as they will not be able to give their best to their work if they are overburdened to work after 1-30.

    And also his employees will hold a grudge against him and thus will not be able to give their whole hearted effort to their work because of their dislike towards their employer.

    So what you can do is gather all the employees who face this problem and go and speak to your employer. Tell him that you want to have your lunch at the official time i.e. 1-30 as by that time you are very tired and thus cannot give your best to your work which leads to a decline in your performance. This will indirectly harm the company and you also want to give your best and not do your work half heartedly. So please we request you to allow us to have our lunch at 1-30 and not tell us to work for more.

    I am sure he will understand you if you talk politely and with reason. Good luck

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees


    There is no standard lunch time for employees in a company some of the organization having the fixed time and

    some of them having based on the work then will go for the lunch and in some of the companies they will give lunch foe employee own choice.

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    It is sad that the employer is not allowing you sufficient lunch time.He/She should have considered the condition of all his/her employees.This needs a compromise from both the parties.Inorder to solve this,there are things to be done from the employer's side as well as yours.
    You along with other can put up this matter to your employee.First you all can give a letter to the employee on this matter.Then you all can go for a meeting with the employee.Discuss with the him the problems faced by you all,the need and demand of the situation,the future aspect of this situation in detail.
    You all can suggest a better alternative.You all can say that alter the staff one by one for lunch and interchange their positions as one finishes off his/her lunch or take few extra employee to cope up with this situation.

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    The lunch time should be fixed.

    You have to have lunch in that time only.

    Then only your health is good.

    If your employer do not allow you to go on time, just bear it for 1-2 days.

    After that, go to him and explain.

    If you have lunch, then you get more energy.

    Due to this you can work more.

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    hello friendyou are right.There is must important for every firm to set a lunch time or a short gap after 4 hours working.as any office opens at 9:30 AM then the lunch timing is 1:30 PM according labour welfare employment or industrial registered board act 1948.This is the primary right if any employees who is working in any private or commercial company.so you should also wear it strictly and tell this to your boss to activation it.thanks

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    Smile Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    Hi friend,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    See,its the employees that make an organization blossom in the market.
    If the organization does not give respect to their employees,then it is bound to happen that the motivation level of the employees will fall down and hence their performance will go down,which in turn will affect the development of the organization.
    They need to understand that the comfort of the employees is of utmost importance.

    I'll suggest you to talk to the management in a group.
    Tell them that you too are human beings and not a machine or a robot!
    Even you need some time to recover from the stress at workplace.
    Tell them that you all need sufficient amount of time to recover and that period should be fixed.
    It shouldn't be that one day you have half an hour or lunch break and tomorrow only of 15 mins.

    Try to convince them that you'll be able to put in more effort and will be able to perform in a better way if you are given some more time to recover from the stress.

    If the management does not listen to you,then talk to the top level management.
    If they too neglect your concerns,then you can organize a day long strike to showcase your concerns.

    I'm sure that the management will give due respect to your feeling and concerns and will standardize the lunch hours!

    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    hello friend..

    what you are saying is correct..but in certain companies they have fixed the time for lunch.

    in some companies they offer the time to employee wish.

    but it should be the particular time as 1.30 to 2.30 pm.this time is optimum because this time your total body energy is decreased.

    after the lunch you can work in more efficiently..

    you also adjust sometimes due to emergency work or urgent work...that time you can postpone your lunch.nothing wrong this.

    thank you..

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    Re: No standard lunch time for employees

    Presently there really should absolutely be a fixed period for supper and also the workplace ought to have quite a few sense in order to make it possible for their staff members to adopt lunch break with some time and not really overstress them. Ones workplace should recognize that the workers obtain weary by the afternoon therefore so that you can re-energize these they desire lunch break and also that a lot promptly so they can perform the most beautiful soon after that. Your dog ought to have that essential understanding and should not over pressure their staff members when that should bring on their loss just because they will not be able to grant the most beautiful on their perform when they are loaded down to figure soon after 1-30.

    As well as their staff members hold a grudge towards the pup therefore will not be able to grant their own whole hearted attempt on their perform because of the don't like toward their own employer.

    Thus your skill is actually assemble the many staff members who face this matter and also head out and also confer with your employer. Simply tell him that you want to possess the lunch break at the recognized period i.e. 1-30 when by that period you will be incredibly weary therefore cannot give your very best self to be able to your task which will results in a fall in your performance. This will ultimately cause harm to the organization and also ensure that you give your very best self but not accomplish your task one half heartedly. Thus make sure you we have you i want to possess each of our lunch break at 1-30 but not show to work for more.
    It truly is gloomy this the business seriously isn't providing you ample lunch break time.He/She ought to have regarded the condition of most his/her employees.This needs a skimp through their parties.In order to resolve that,you will discover elements for being performed on the employer's facet as well as yours.
    An individual and various can offered that issue for your employee.First everyone can provide directions to be able to the staff member with this matter.Then everyone can select a choosing the particular employee.Discuss while using the the pup the down sides challenged by everyone,the necessity and also need for the problem,one's destiny aspect of this example within detail.
    You all can advocate an improved alternative.You most can tell this improve workers one by one for supper and also interchange their own postures united is done down his/her lunch break as well as acquire very few further employee to be able to manage track of that situation.
    I'm going to advocate a person to go to the particular management in a group.
    Explain this an individual usually are humankind but not a device or maybe a automatic robot!
    Sometimes you may need efforts and pass though the worries at workplace.
    Explain this everyone need ample time frame to recoup which phase should be fixed.
    It should not be that particular day you have a half-hour as well as lunch break and also the day after tomorrow just involving 15 mins.

    Make an effort to tell these this you can set up much more attempt and also is able to perform within a means for anyone who is supplied even more period to recoup on the stress.

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