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    No sales motivation when performing extremely well

    We are working in a leading automobile company in India. As a part of sales team we did extremely well from starting of this organisation. We are working from the beginning but havenít seen a single motivation programme or any benefit against this to the employees.

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    Re: No sales motivation when performing extremely well

    Hi friend

    Motivation is certainly required for the employees to perform better and do their work nore efficiently and with their full heart in it. As one works hard for the company , one certainly expects something from the company in return and one of those things is motivation. Your company should understand this and make it a point to motivate its employees whenever they do something good for the company and show good performance. Motivation is the best way to ensure that the employees will perform even better than this in the future as they have some reason to do so - i.e. encouragement from their employers.

    If you dont get any motivation then you will not put your whole heart in your work which will certainly lead to a deterioration in your performance. This will also affect the working of your company. So you should go and talk to your manager regarding this problem of yours. Tell him that you have been working hard since the beginning and also have always performed well but havent seen a single motivation programme or benefit to the employees. They should try to understand this from the employees viewpoint and then they will realise that motivation is certainly essential for the good performance of the employees.

    I hope your manager understands this and thus you will also be able to work with more happiness and peace of mind. Good luck

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