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    No proper sitting place provided for me in office

    As a back end staff, no proper sitting arrangements are there for me to work. Everyday my sitting arrangements are different due to which I am not able to concentrate on my work fully. I am very distracted and stressful due to this condition. What can be done?

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    Re: No proper sitting place provided for me in office

    It is quite unprofessional to know that you don't have a fixed sitting place in office.It is sad that its adverse effects are coming directly on your performance.You should take certain measures to get this problem of yours solved.

    -Firstly enquire that the is there any arrangement being done to resolve this matter.
    -If yes,then try to adjust for few days as adjustment is one of the essential requirement in professional field.
    -If you find that there is no adjustment being made,report to the higher authority above you.
    -Discuss with him regarding this problem.If possible do group discussion with other employees who are facing the same problem.
    -Explain him the adverse effects of this problem on your performance and its future impact.
    -If still no action is taken,go to the top authority of your firm and request him to look into this matter.

    I am sure your matter will definitely be solved after this.

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    Re: No proper sitting place provided for me in office

    Hi friend

    You certainly need to find a solution to this problem otherwise it will hamper your work performance and you will not be able to concentrate fully on your work. This will not be good for your future and so you should do whatever is in your power to find a solution to this problem. There definitely should be a proper sitting arrangement for you so that you dont get distracted everytime your sitting arrangement is changed.

    You should not take any unnecessary stress and tension friend as it is the duty and responsibility of your company to provide you with proper facilities for the comfort of the employees so that they can give their best to the company.You should go to your manager and talk to him regarding your problem of improper sitting arrangement due to which you are not able to fully concentrate on your work. Request him to have a proper and permanent sitting arrangement for the back end staff so that they can work more efficiently and full concentration. Also tell him that this is not good for the company also if the employees are not able to perform well due to such problems created by the company itself.

    I hope your manager understands your pain and provide a permanent solution to your problem. Good luck friend. Hoping you have a bright future.

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    Re: No proper sitting place provided for me in office


    This is really very annoying and unfair not knowing the sitting place at work.

    You should discuss this with your concerned person and ask them to arrange a proper and fix sit for you

    This is your right and you should ask for it.

    If the matter is not solved then go to your manager or head who can take some action regarding this.

    Thank you

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