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    No proper break timing in the office

    I am working in a software company. There is a huge work pressure which the entire organization has to deal. As a result we have to work for long hours. The problem we are facing is that there is no proper break timing in the office. Hardly employees are given 15 minutes in the entire day. This is quite problematic for the employees. How to put up this issue before the higher authority?

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    aman Array
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    Re: No proper break timing in the office

    See as you are saying that there is lot of work pressure so it becomes much difficult to get more time for the break. If you think that you must be given more time than you can write an application on behalf of whole staff with there signatures to provide atleast 30-45 min break. Explain to them that such small breaks can effect your health and thus will effect the efficiency in work. Tell them to make a fix time for break so that you and your colleagues could be much comfortable and thus can work more efficiently. With this it would be much better that you do heavy breakfast in the morning so that such changes in breaks doesn't effect your energy levels much and thus your health. Try to keep some sugar things like chocolates with you so that you have them for instant energy if too much busy in work.

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    Re: No proper break timing in the office

    What ever be the work pressure,30 minits of lunch break is a must.This should be the demand on behalf of every staff working in the company.A petition can be sent to the management in this regard.The demand is nothing very exorbitant.It is a very simple and clear demand made from the employee's end.I don't think the higher authorities will disrespect it.They will take some time to consider the issue,and pass the order in the employees favour.After all they are also concerned with their employees health condition.From that stand point I believe they will definitely cooperate with you all.

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    Re: No proper break timing in the office

    Hi, friend
    its happening because of lack of time Management if you are well planed your office work schedule you can avoid this kind of situation.some time its happens because you need to satisfy your clients .make sure that every one know that you will be break on particular so that other people may not disturb you on your break time . except its emergency inform your colleagues that you need break on time this might will help you
    all the best my friend

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    Re: No proper break timing in the office

    small break can refresh an employee even employee feels relaxed enough to carry on the work. break is compulsory for an employee because it makes an employee to concentrate on work. you should be given half an hour break working continuously will make employee stressful and mentally it makes tiresome.. so its important that you take this matter to manager level, hr department.. tell your problems an individual cannot talk to them every one should come forward to take up the matter and lead them in front.tell the problems your facing due to lack of breaks. your work efficiency will be effected very badly due to stress you cannot make employee wait for break its their right management should never curb break timings..

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    Re: No proper break timing in the office

    Work pressure in the professional sphere is one of the main concerns of the employees.This scenario is more common in the private sector especially the software world.This is because every organization in the private sector has to face stiff competition from the rival and other companies in the same field and if they are late in their services,they will just be left behind in the race.

    It is quite sad to know that the break timing is so short in your company and you are not given sufficient breaks between the office working hours.Breaks are necessary for the proper maintainence of health and to rejuvenate the energy to carry on with the work load and give efficient outputs.This matter should be solved as soon as possible since if it continues for long it will not only affect the work of the employees but also their health.

    -You along with other employees should conduct a meeting regarding this matter.
    -Get to know each employees point of view.
    -Make sure you have a majority of employees on your side to put up the issue to the higher authority.
    -Draft an application for this effect highlighting the demand and the need for it with the signatures of the employees who are feeling the same.
    -Go to the higher authority.
    -Tell about the problem faced by you all.
    -Express the demand of the employees and the need for it.
    -Submit the application.
    -Request to look into this matter and take a step as soon as possible.

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