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    No payment of tour money by company

    I work in an private organisation. The company had declared that it will give all the payment for one tour undertaken by its employees in 3 years. In the last month,I undertook my first tour. But till now,I have not received the tour money. What shall I do to get the tour money ?

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    Re: No payment of tour money by company

    Hi buddy

    If your company promised you that it will give you tour money for a single tour in 3 years then I am sure they will not back out now that you have taken the tour and certainly pay you for the same. It maybe that they have forgotten it due to lots of work pressure or have been careless in this regard. So its better that you talk to your manager regarding this and ask them the reason for the delay in the payment of your tour money. Tell him that you have to face many problems due to this and thus want your payment as soon as possible. I am sure they will rectify their mistake and give your payment as soon as they can.

    Also you can consult the acounts department for the same and they will certainly help you out by consulting your manager. Also if your manager doesnt agree to pay you then remind him of the promise that the company made to you . If he still doesnt agree then sue your company legally as that is the only option for you.

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: No payment of tour money by company


    Steps to be taken----->
    * You must write a request letter notifying all details of tour.
    * Must give these request letter to HR department.
    * Wait for few days for early response.
    * if you do not get any response then write a complain letter to manager.
    * You must then provide your dissatisfaction towards company.
    * If needed you can leave the company then if you not get satisfied.


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