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    No one ready to listen to my plan for the company’s better future

    I am working in an automobile company for the past 5 years. Recently I thought of a brilliant plan for the company’s better and prosperous future. But when I went to my manager with it, he was busy with some work and completely ignored my. I again tried many times to convey this plan to my manager and even to my HR but without any success. No one is even ready to listen to it. Now I am really feeling very depressed. What is the best way to get my plan noticed?

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    Re: No one ready to listen to my plan for the company’s better future

    The demand of the situation from you is not to get discouraged.If you get discouraged then it will be very difficult to work out plan properly.Instead you should work hard with your plan and wait for a good opportunity to put up your plan effectively.There can be various for not listening to your plan properly by the higher authority.

    -You are speaking about your plan at the wrong time.
    -Your plan may have some faults.
    -The company may not be in a position to execute your plan.
    -The higher authority may not be satisfied with your works.

    Hence you should be determined to remove all these factors to give your plan the ultimate shape.First of all,look at your plan from various aspects.See what are the possible outcomes and what are the consequences of it.Analyze it from both the company's point of view as well as from customer's point of view.Think of the expenditure of the company.Think of the various advantages and disadvantages of your plan.You can consult some of the senior employees for improvement in your plan.Then you have to find a good opportunity to express your plan.Annual meeting or staff meeting or company's agenda and goal meeting are the best opportunities.You should be able to explain your plan in detail and that too clearly.Then after you will be able to get your plan noticed by the company.But side by side do not lose your focus from your job because of this.Do your job efficiently to remain in the good books of the higher authority.

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    Re: No one ready to listen to my plan for the company’s better future

    Hi friend

    You should definitely let your manager know about your brilliant idea for the betterment of the company's future and you should try to find a way to do so rather than being depressed at this moment. Its purely bad luck that all your previous attempts at letting your manager or HR know about your plan failed miserably. They should have listened to you and not ignored you in this manner but maybe they were very busy with thir work and that's the reason you got ignored. But you should definitely not get demoralized and try to put up a brave fight to have your way in this matter.

    If we look at it from your viewpoint, your manager should have definitely listened to you because it is his duty to help his employees and solve their problems whenever they need his help andt the same stands true for your HR. they should not have behaved with you in such a way and should have entertained you in this matter. You should make sure that they don't hold any grudge against you and maybe that's the reason they are ignoring your request. Make sure you maintain good relations with them and don't give them any reason for complain.

    Now whatever has happened is past and you should forget that. Let bygones be bygones and make a fresh start in this matter. You should let only positive thoughts enter your mind at this moment and not let any negativity surround you. Try to think of a way in which your manager will definitely listen to your plan. Do something to impress your manager so that you can speak to him regarding your plan. If you are able to impress him, then he will certainly give you some words of appreciation and you can use that moment to tell him about your plan.

    So friend don't succumb to the circumstances and don't accept your defeat. Try to fight the circumstances in a courageous way. also you can go and speak to the higher authorities who may listen to your plan if they are free at that moment. you can do something so that your company obtains some kind of benefit from your work and then I am sure they will be more than happy to listen to your plan and may even implement it if they think it is good.

    Talk to your manager when he is free and not when he is busy in sme work. I hope you show patience in this matter and get the deserved success. Good luck

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