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    No one at our workplace shares their food with me

    I am working in a software company. During lunchtime most of my colleagues share their food with each other. But no one shares their food with me . I donít know what is their problem. I have even asked some of them to come and sit with me during the lunchtime but everyone avoids me. Thus I am feeling very bad and dejected. How to handle such a situation?

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    Re: No one at our workplace shares their food with me

    hello friends..

    @ for that you should maintain good communication with those people

    @ mingle with every employee

    @ be friendly with all employees

    @ do not angry on any employee

    @then they will share the food with you

    all the best

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    Re: No one at our workplace shares their food with me

    Hi friend

    You should not at all feel bad and dejected at such ridiculous behaviour from your colleagues. They should be ashamed of themselves for avoiding you in such a manner and behaving with you in such an inhuman manner. God is definitely going to punish them for trating you in such a bad manner and they are themselves going to be responsible for their misdeeds. So its better that they realise that what they are doing is wrong and thus mend their ways.

    As for you , you should not feel dejected at all . Be brave to face such a situation in life as you know that "Life is not a Bed of roses." I know that what is happening is completely inhuman and immoral, but atleast you should be happy that you are not among the culprits. To come out of this situation, firstly you should try to befriend some of your colleagues. Show them your good side and I am sure they themselves will feel like being your friends. Then atleast you will have someone to talk and share your feelings with.

    Once you make a good friend or two, then atleast your attention will shifted in some other direction and you will have no time to think about what is happening with you now. Also you will have your friend(s) atleast to share food with. So try to communicate with some of the colleagues whom you think are good human beings and befriend them. In this way you will not feel lonely and left out.

    Then along with your friend(s), you can talk to the other employees and ask them the reason for such behaviour. Ask them why they are treating you in such a manner and not sharing their food with you. Now atleast you will have someone by your side and then you will feel stronger than before. You can teach them a lesson this way by telling them that if they repeat such things they will certainly get the punishment they deserve in some way or the other.

    Tell them that it is good for them to stop mistreating you or any other employee in such a manner as they should certainly learn some manners and learn how to deal humanly with others. They should themselves realise this as it will certainly help them in the future and then they will themselves be able to notice the change in their personality.

    In this way friend you will be able to get rid of this problem of yours and your colleagues will also learn their lesson. So you will not face such problem in the future and thus will have a happy time at your workplace. Good luck and Thanks

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