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    No appreciation inspite of a lot of hard work

    I am working as a software engineer in a private company. I have been working really hard on a project from the last 1 month and have been giving the desired results as per my bossís expectations. But there has never been even a single word of appreciation from his side which discourages me a lot. How to overcome this situation?

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    Re: No appreciation inspite of a lot of hard work

    It is good to know that you deliver your best and achieving the desired results and success.In this world of tough competition,only immediate success does not hold a great value.One needs to be give consistent good performance in order to get good amount of appreciation and promotions.In the software sector,you need to be efficient consistently and handle the tough tasks efficiently to catch the eye of the higher authority and receive appreciation.

    Although you deserve appreciation but do not get disheartened o not getting that.There is no room for discouragement in professional life.This is because any type of demotivation or discouragement in professional life may affect your work adversely.As a consequence the results produced by you and your career will be affected.Hence you should not think about appreciation at this stage.

    You just aim at performing well on regular basis.Do all the tasks assigned to you with perfection within the given stipulated time.Believe in yourself and be self motivated.Do not lose your focus from your goal.The hard work and good results on regular basis will definitely pay you off with appreciation and perks in the long run.

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    Re: No appreciation inspite of a lot of hard work

    Hi friend

    I think your boss should definitely be a little more human than he is behaving right now with you and should definitely encourage his employees rather than behaving so unsympathetically with them. He should not misuse his power in this manner and should definitely motivate his employees so that work harder for his company. If he keeps behaving with them in such a way, then they will get fed up of him and will never work whole heartedly for his company . This will derfinitely not be good for his company if he treats his employees in this manner as they will never give their best to him.

    You should definitely talk with your boss in this matter and should not be afraid to do so. You should not hesitate at all as it is your right to get some appreciation for your hard work. Go to his ofice and tell him that you have been really hard on this recent project for the last 1 month and have been giving him the desired results as per his expectations. But you are really sad that you haven't got even a single word of apreciation from him amd thus are very demoralized due to that. You really hope that he will use some words of encouragement for you and his other employees from now on so that they will get some motivation and will work whole heartedly for his company. Otherwise the employees will not work hard and this will be bad for the company .

    I am sure your boss will learn his lesson and thus will learn to behave with his employees from now on. He will definitely give them some words of appreciation from now onwards in order to motivate them so that they work harder for his company and thus don't get dissatisfied at all. He will surely do this for the reputation of his company so that it doesn't go down due to his attitude towards his employees.

    Now if your boss still doesn't mend his ways and still behaves hard heartedly with his employees, then you should not take this anymore and go and complain to your higher authorities for the same. Then I am sure they will teach your boss the lesson he deserves and thus he will never do such a thing in future and will behave more humanly from now on.

    Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: No appreciation inspite of a lot of hard work

    You done your best.It's not simple matter to give the desired result as per your boss expectation.Some times we doesn't get desired appreciation for our hard work,now it is happened in your case.But no need to depress its not the matter of oral appreciation.Some times we got appreciation in the form of salary hikes.So wait for some time and you continue your work with same effort definitely you got good result,Don't depress.You have to be motivate yourself.if you have self satisfaction it is more valuable than hundred's of appreciation.
    good luck

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