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  • 24-12-2012, 12:44 AM

    Re: How to do Time Management?

    Dear Friend!

    Time is the most valuable access for people and this is truer in the case of students especially who are in their class 12. Which plays an important role in deciding their future course of studies and career. Please fallow below these steps.

    Be Organized
    Plan ahead
    Avoid Overload
    Practice the best study techniques
    Have a vision

  • 22-09-2012, 01:53 PM

    Re: How to do Time Management?

    Dear Friend

    This is the important point of life as this time will decide your future so you should have a good concentration..

    Yes time management should be there to achieve the goal in the studies as well in life..

    In term of studies 12th marks are considered whole throughout your life so you should study and have a number of marks..

    For time management you should make a day plan according to your day schedule ..

    In it include study, food as well games also to refresh you..

    Do not sit for long hours get a break after 2 hours of 5 min and refresh your self..

    then again sit for 2 hours..

    and follow this plan daily you need a strict discipline in following this plan..

  • 21-09-2012, 08:37 PM
    Amit Kumar Pal

    Re: How to do Time Management?

    Originally posted by "Unregistered"
    How to do Time Management?
    Dear Aspirant,

    You said you are in 12th class and i must say 12 standard is a starting point of your career.So for it time management is very important at this ime. Infact time is presious fro our life so we have to try time managemen in our whole life.

    Follow these steps for managing the time sechduled:-

    A. Firstly you need to believe in your yourself because positive attitude is necessery for Study or anything else.

    B. Then make a proper list about your subjects which one you like most considere it first.

    C. After that Don't take tans about syllabus because syllabus is depent upon our skill if you think you can finish the syllabus according to time which you have then you can definatily do it.

    D. Then practice more on your weakest subject and give less time to your storng one.

    E. You do not need to study 24 hours do your best 3-5 hours in whole day.

    F. And continue study is not good for student you can easily enjoy your daily routin work like walking, playing, talking wih friends and family member should take a break between study.

    G. Keep sleeping at least 8 hours per day.

    H. Do practice on previous papers, sample papers etc.

    I. You can also make a perfec time table for you like 1 hour for mathematic, 15 min breack then 1 hour for Englis etc.

    J. And one plus point morning study is best so don't forget about it do atleast 45 min or 1 hour study in morning.

    Best Of Luck
  • 21-09-2012, 06:01 PM
    Sai Deep

    Re: How to do Time Management?


    12Th standard is a very crucial time of your life . It is the stepping stone towards your career growth. so time management is very important at this moment.

    -> First of all have a proper diet .Eat healthy vegetables ,fruits,nuts and milk.

    Coming to time management, follow these steps :

    -->> First make a list of your entire course of study. List the chapters you have in your course.

    -->> Now list the topics you are strong and weak in.

    -->> Allot more time to the subject and topic you are weak in but do not neglect any subject you are strong .

    -->> Be a morning person and start your studies early.

    -->> Take break of 5-10 mins after every 2 hours.

    -->> Relax yourself in between.

    -->> Have a study hour of 8-10 hours everyday.

    -->> Practice all the sample papers and questionairs as many times as possible. Give mock test

    -->> Do not panic or get stressed.

    -->> Work hard.

    All the best .
  • 21-09-2012, 04:23 PM
    lakshmi dhana

    Re: How to do Time Management?

    Dear school girl. . .twelvth class is the turning point in your career . . .you must concentrate on your studies. .let me suggest you few ways to manage time. .put up a time table . .complete your home work then and there. .take atleast twenty minutes to read newspapers. .go for tuition classes punctually. .take fifteen minutes to have your healthy food. .give rest to your brain and eyes atleast for six hours. . .good luck. . .
  • 20-09-2012, 08:54 PM

    How to do Time Management?

    iam a 12th standard student and i would like to get some help in time managing,because i find lots of problems managing my time.
    Would you please help me to counsel me on how to manage it?

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