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  • 22-08-2013, 06:21 PM

    Re: I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    Dear if you are right and confident about your friend that he is absolutely right and may never get involved in such type of negative activities in office or anywhere then you can take his side while the final decision of the management because you will fight for something that is false and affecting the life of someone who is your colleague and a good friend so this is your responsibility that you career for that close relation and take his side

    First of all you should call your friend who is being falsely accused by the management for stealing something and ask him and say that I have been your big friend in the office and personal life and I am sure that you can never do such type of things anywhere and I trust in you more than management but this is the time that you keep confidence in your mind and be positive about the situation because decision will be in your favor and we would catch actual thief who did it and accused you for the same but currently you should tell me the truth so your friend will say he did not do anything like that so you should feel proud and may be that your friend stolen that thing from the office due the the urgent necessity for some work so take decision according to the fact as if he say that he did that then you should not get involved in his matter and suggest him to say sorry to the company and be apologized and if he say that he did not do anything then you should be with him

    Go to your boss personally when they are free and have some time from your boss to talk over this matter so they will allow you then you should make your boss believe that your friend did not do the same because you know him better than anyone in this office and do not take me otherwise that I am taking his favor and say that I am with the fact and I trust in him more than myself so sir once you should think it before firing him from the job because he will be completely helpless and there is no proof at all that who did that so how can you fire him from the job so your boss will think at once and may be that he allow someone to collect proof

    Also suggest them that we can check the recording of the CCTV cameras and that will clear everything right now so you all should together watch that video of stealing something from your office and catch the real thief of the office then say to your sir that you can punish him for that act so your boss will fire that person and take everything back

    All the best
  • 22-08-2013, 02:48 PM

    Re: I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    Now a days every company is keeping CC camera's.If your company have the CC camera's check the CC camera of your boss chamber.
    As you have mentioned that your colleague is innocent and did not do any mistake.then you ask your friend what happened in the chambers room if he tell you that he did not steal any thing.then ask him to talk with your boss.And tell him to defend him self.If your company have CC camera's then the thief will be caught.
    all the best
    thank you
  • 22-08-2013, 10:27 AM
    vinod kumar

    Re: I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    hello guest,,,
    it is really a critical situation when you are unable to do something that you knows right.
    well,don't worry we are here to help you.
    in this situation ,i think ,you should find some clue so that it can be proved that your friend has not stolen something from your boss' office.
    in case you are not getting anything you may take the help of private detective.
    in the same time ,you may convince your boss that your friend is not wrong and she should get a chance to prove herself.
    lastly if you are not getting any hope then you may take the help of law that will surely help you much.
    thank you ,
    professional queries
  • 22-08-2013, 05:20 AM

    Re: I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    Hello Friend,

    Well, these is indeed a difficult situation for your colleague. In a corporate world these thing do happen all the time. If you have any evidence that proof your colleague is innocent should be brought to the notice of your boss. Untill and unless there is enough evidence you will not be able to defend him. In the court of law evidence counts so you must first gather all the evidence to defend him. If don't have any aler evidence you will not be able to defend your colleague.

    But still you can talk to your boss and tell him that your colleague is innocent and he should be given a second chance to prove his value to the company. If your boss thinks he should be given a second chance then he can certainly do that. But remember, do not involve too much on issues like this otherwise it will jeopardie your career.


  • 21-08-2013, 10:51 PM

    Re: I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    Hi Dear,

    If you are sure that your friend cum colleague is being blamed for a sin which he has not committed, then without any second thought, you must support him and stand for the right cause.

    This situation is of course not as light as it seems to be,
    but instead of being a mute spectator, you should collect some facts about this theft and present you views in front of the management in a very polished and mature manner.

    I am sure if you are so confident that the colleague of yours is not involved in the theft, you would have certain reasons to believe so. Now all you need to do is present these reasons in a very responsible and confident manner so that even the management could get convinced and change their decision.

    If you would be able to help this gentleman come out of this trouble, you would not only get his good wishes but you would also deserve an all round praise for your courage and unrelenting spirit in your fight in this battle of truth.

    Wish you loads of luck!
  • 21-08-2013, 08:16 PM

    I know that my colleague is not guilty but still am unable to defend him

    I am working in a software company. One of my colleagues is undergoing a very bad time as he been falsely accused of stealing something from the bossís office. The boss is planning to fire him. I am sure that he is innocent but am unable to defend him. What should I do so that he gets justice in this case?

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