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  • 27-08-2013, 11:40 AM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    Hello friend,
    Its really a big problem because if she even doesn't know how to inject then she might be playing with the patient. In such condition she might be playing with the life of the patient. So what you need to do is that first talk with her and tell her to learn from her co-worker, after that only she should be allowed to do her work.
    If she ignores then you should take strong action against her and also gives her warning. You can also talk with higher authority about her.
    But first give her a chance to improve, if she doesn't show any improvement then you can go for complain.
    Thank you!!!
  • 26-08-2013, 08:02 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    You will be totally directly in stating that almost any professional who isn't going to learn the skill-sets to do his/her work, needs to be stopped plus asked to take the instruction after again. The fact is, in the case of any doctor or even a medical professional, the experience considered needs to be instantaneous plus with no hold up almost like hold up is brought on, it could endanger numerous patients life.

    Hence, friend, for me, you have to get assistance of the bigger authorities to be able to suspend the following lovely lady and enquire the girl to be able to briefly get away from the girl work plus up grade the girl skills at the particular earliest.

    Be refined yet organization within your tactic with genuine the bigger authorities with regards to the nurse's insides through the girl job. I am sure the older authorities might accept an individual at this imagined plus might react likewise because you are planning to carry out so.

    It's correct that our cardiovascular needs to be abundant with empathy plus adore for anyone but in career just like your own property you simply can't afford to often be so smooth to disregard this type of misconduct the fact that doctor continues to be ignorantly doing.
    In case an educated doctor isn't going to understand how to provide someone and then that can? Nowadays professionalism seems to be short of all over the place whether it's knowledge, heath care treatment or maybe sports. Breastfeeding is an extremely commendable career with India. Folks nevertheless appreciate any doctor within our society. Although thid almost incicence will probably poor quality for the complete sanita family. You'll want to discuss with the girl plus present her with the particular opporunity to guard herself. Determine what she has to say on the girl injecting skills. In case you doesn't get almost any realistic remedy you must not think twice to take formidable remedy in opposition to her.

    He or she will need to notify the particular Operations board with regards to the occurrence plus allowed them to make a decision how to proceed? These are the most effective man or women to do this in opposition to her.
    You will be there for patients not necessarily to practice healthcare professionals so I think you'll will probably treatment much more to the patients plus in order to protest with regards to the girl then you definitely will need to see a go of your hospital plus make sure they know about this problem the fact that doctor doing the job below an individual isn't functional carried out in their own scientific tests plus going through lots of difficulties for treating patients so they are going to get proper actions in opposition to the girl because a thing that may be not good for every one of the patients within the hospital if the lady isn't going to understand how to provide and then the lady can provide almost any incorrect treatment to be able to patients for this reason management could advise the girl to get properly trained obtainable back or maybe adjust on a vacation function where do not need to provide patients.
  • 25-08-2013, 07:10 AM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly


    We all know doctors and nurses are meant to give care to the patient. If a nurse does not know how to inject a patient, this is really not correct. She should not be assigned that job. If she is hopeless at her work then this can lead to many problems as she has to deal with the patients. If she doesn't manage the things properly , the administration should not take it casually. Convey this matter to the senior authority and suggest them to either train the nurse properly and then assign her any work or give her some other task which has nothing to do with the patients.
    service provided by the doctors and nurses shows the hospital's reputation. You can't play with it. Once the people develop a thinking that it is not the correct option , then the hospital will slowly an slowly lose the number of patients coming for treatment.

    Thank You.
  • 23-08-2013, 07:05 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    Sir if the nurse does not know to inject a patient then this is the duty of the doctor that he/she teach that nurse how to inject a patients because everyone is not expert all the time in all work so may be that she did not get practical knowledge of anything and just started working so you should consult with her and teach her that how to treat a patient in a right way and if you do not have enough time then you should directly say to her that you do not even know that how to inject a patient then go back and take training otherwise patients will have problem and you will spoil the name of this hospital and make her feel that she has no knowledge about her duty then she will feel shy and may be that she learn somewhere

    You are there for patients not to train nurses so I hope you will care more for the patients and if you want to complain about her then you should go to the head of the hospital and let them know about this situation that the nurse working under you is not practical completed in her studies and facing so many problems in treating patients so they will take right action against her because this is something that is not good for all the patients in the hospital and if she does not know how to inject then she may give any wrong medicine to patients that is why management may instruct her to get trained and come back or shift to any other work where do not need to inject patients

    All the best
  • 22-08-2013, 05:38 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    Hello Friend,

    Well, this a serious matter. If a trained nurse does not know how to inject a patient then who will? These days professionalism seems to be lacking in everywhere be it education, health care or sports. Nursing is a very noble profession in India. People still admire a nurse in our society. But thid sort of incicence will not good for the entire nursing family. You should talk to her and give her the opporunity to defend herself. Find out what she has to say about her injecting skills. If you does not get any logical answer you should not hesitate to take strong answer against her.

    He should inform the Management committee about the incident and let them decide what to do? They are the best person to take action against her. All the best.

  • 22-08-2013, 05:31 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    hello sir
    it's a very serious problem now what you have to do is that file a complaint application against the particular nurse in which write that that the nurse which is working in our hospital are not working properly even she never who to inject the injection in the patient body and it is a very serious problem because after it all about the patient life and our hospital reputation so my request is to you that immediately fired her otherwise maybe she can create a serious problem and then send it to your higher authority
    all the best.
  • 22-08-2013, 03:21 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    You have to take a serious action against her.Every patient comes to the hospitals for getting good treatments.If nurses don't know how to inject also then it creates a bad impression among the patients and the patients wont come to the hospital again.
    If the candidates who don't know any thing acts a nurse then in severe cases there may chance of death of the patient due to the nurse.
    so you take a very serious action on her.
    all the best
    thank you
  • 21-08-2013, 11:04 PM

    Re: One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly


    You are absolutely right in saying that any professional who does not know the skills of doing his/her job, should be suspended and asked to take the training once again. In fact, in case of a nurse or a doctor, the action taken should be immediate and without any delay as if delay is caused, it might endanger many patients life.

    So, sir, in my opinion, you must seek assistance of the higher authorities to suspend this lady and ask her to temporarily leave her job and upgrade her skills at the earliest.

    Be polished but firm in your approach in convincing the higher authorities about the nurse's suspension from her job. I am sure even the senior authorities would agree with you at this thought and would act similarly as you are planning to do so.

    It is true that our heart should be rich in empathy and love for everyone but in profession like yours you cannot afford to be so soft to ignore such a misconduct that the nurse has been ignorantly doing.

  • 21-08-2013, 08:13 PM

    One of the nurses working under me does not even know how to inject a patient properly

    I am working as a doctor in a private hospital. One of the nurses , who is working under me, is very hopeless at her job and she doesn’t even know how to inject a patient properly. I think this is highly ridiculous and strict action should be taken against her. What to do in such a situation?

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