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  • 20-08-2013, 06:53 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    when you value your wife's credentials and her views its good and fine you and your wife should sort out problems in a quite pleasing manner never let your ego interference in your relationship. and you and your wife should make an understanding for any decision you take sometimes when couples try to start or take a decision forget about the how to plan your decision couples do fight from starting of decision making leading in failed relationships don't be over possessive any issue with love and affection you can move things and come to a conclusion whatever decision you take.. i think you should involve your mom and dad and their parents in decision of yours to start your family now that your financially stable you can convince her but its makes their and your parents responsible in this matter.. elders have the knowledge and also the power to convince your wife to start your family.. you should talk your wife during week ends and speak out try to pacify her on issues relating starting your family promise her for period of 2-3 years she will be not doing work but after achieving stability and after managing your family for 3 years you can work put this clause as well.. involve your wife's parents they can tell some thing which you cannot discuss this something wife's mother can tell her in pleasing and better manner as she is her parents your mother in law knows your wife better than you so its important that whatever you decide should be under control and vigilance of your both parents..

    as far as your wife's interest is concerned do respect her feelings and compromise is the only solution in dealing with relationships when she loves her work well its good as you cannot curb one's freedom but its the matter of starting a family which is really dependent on her decision you cannot forcibly take decisions to start a family without both consent she should be mentally prepared for starting a family it takes lot of pressure to deal with the idea of starting a family.. don't be in hurry be calm and talk to your wife tell only a period of time she will not be working for starting a family so you both should be cooperative in managing the family you cannot expect all the family work should be done by your wife itself its something you are being selfish but the point is starting and managing a family is duty of both as after you start a family you will have to share the responsibility..

    it really depends upon the qualifications and job profile of your wife to decide on the alternative of her career if she wants to resign from the work.. if she is willing to find an alternative for work she does then its your responsibility for arranging her alternative for work she does that is managerial from house.. if she is from hr department she can work a counselor and can assist in career counselling and various freelancing jobs are available .. freelancing jobs are in demand where she needs to meet the clients and start working on the requirements of clients on her computer.. freelancer can make pretty much money than expected there are in huge demand in the field of web development web designing like she can pursue any course in web designing or graphics development for various companies many international organisations as well.. there are many work from home opportunities on internet like forex and investment companies you will be paid hourly for the work you do.. if she is much interested in trading capital markets she can set up an office at home and can do trading from much better internet speed connectivity with best enabled systems so that she can do tradings stock market investments can do a lot better in share and investing in mutual bonds.. she needs to have training or an management degree if she needs to excel in capital markets.. you can also collectively set up your own business besides and give the responsibility to your wife small one all own enterprises start small initially but she loves her work as it was said by you she can grow into entrepreneur bigger than you as well besides setting up your family as well.. all the best
  • 08-08-2013, 07:15 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    India can be a building country.all additional locations which have been designed features operating girls that is certainly throughout people locations woman works.actually in case all the society works this growth rate increases.this can be the idea driving this development.these days to weeks,throughout India it truly is noticing that ladies want to is perfect for the media as well as particular person mainly because substantially a family there'd 2 folks who works in that case progression can be more.
    that is far more exciting that your particular partner prefers her,at my see you should not end could need to face several problems pertaining to negotiation nonetheless after you will discover that much more beneficial.
    It is beneficial that you're a great deal involved regarding wife's focal points as well as recognize her emotions because well. As you've brought up this you both have already been doing work for very last 5 a number of have sufficient price savings at this point as well as you are generating pretty much, henceforth, you can pay for to help neck all your family members on it's own and enquire your wife for taking relax as well as within the at the same time she can prepare any nice tiny baby. Furthermore, i recognize your own wife's location that she really likes her job as well as might be a little proof against give up that now. Having said that, she's women and females are regarded as being the height of love, dilemma as well as compassion. Consequently ingredient containing hormones . partner regarding programs as well as your family planning, I know she would become as well somewhere expecting a fresh fellow member ahead within the family. Inside at the same time, your lover will look to get home based possibilities where she can utilise her time period being at where you can this best. There are plenty of alternatives online such as EALP and many more.
    It's essential to learn which you caution more than enough in regards to the employment of one's partner mainly because now is your accountability as well as if you had definitely not cared ahead of then you would haven't obtained this current situation right now therefore now is your burden to get started on all your family members at this point on account of your job is plenty beneficial and you are also generating ample this you can certainly sustain your loved ones in addition to your partner mainly because you might have rescued much more for the long term which can make you delighted throughout foreseeable future that is certainly why you need to ingredient containing hormones . partner in relation to the private long term definitely not specialized mainly because specialized are going to be continue in a similar manner nonetheless very own every day life is more significant this is why you both really should start choosing very own extramarital relationships

    If your discover her in your own home in that case you both really should discuss that matter on account of your partner can certainly recognize right now those funds is plenty that is certainly definitely not anything and don't push her to leave the task mainly because your lover really likes her job as well as as it were push in that case your lover will get irritated therefore give her sometime to help think about this matter as well as wait for an final decision as well as I know that she are going to be on your side in case your lover calls for for most added time you then really should give her as well as allow her to be at liberty in their lifestyle together with profession.
  • 07-08-2013, 09:19 AM
    amit gupta007

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    Hello friend

    As you and your wife have been working for the past 5 years and have earned a lot so it is good decision taken by you also you are at the good position at your job.
    Settling down and starting the family is also as important as the job,i know she loves her job and at first won't be agree but i know after thinking about your thought she would surely be agree.
    And there is no problem at all as women today can perform every task that the men can do,so after a year or two if she wish she could do the job.
    But you should explain these things to you wife very politely and wisely.

    All the best
    Thank you.
  • 05-08-2013, 04:59 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    Dear friend

    At the outset, appreciating your decision taken and the respect given to your wife.In general Couples working in an Organization together can avail lot of benefits from both perspectives which help their family to support.It is noted that many couples working in the same organization without any clashes & discomfort.They work accordingly without interfering in each other 's work and that respect the decision from the either sides.But they should also balance their personal lifes and have a certain plans for their family cause the professional life and the personal life is two different things.As you both have worked together for the past five years and earned up to maximum extent, you can now plan for the family. Both can sit some time now and then, discuss and take a decision with regard to your family settlement by sharing your views and then finally come to an understanding mutually for comfortable life. Regards
  • 31-07-2013, 08:23 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    My wife and I have been working for the past 5 years and have a good amount of savings by now. I am at a very good position at my job now. I want her to quit her job and settle down and start my family. She loves her job and I donít want to take it away from her. Is it the right thing to do? What other work from opportunities does she have?

    Dear Aspirant,

    It is really good to learn that both of you have good amount of saving by now.It is also true that you have to loose something in order to get some thing.You have to choose either of one among your wife's job or to be a house wife.It is good to allow her to be in job,because by this means both of you meet the purposes.You can manage your home affairs with the help of a maid servant & also the govt.has made provision of long maternity leave for working woman.

    If not your wife can run a pvt.tutorial at home & earn a lot.Next option is to spend some time for online works such as participating in earn & learn program & also online share sales & purchase.

    So you can choose any one as explained above.

    Thanks & good luck.
  • 31-07-2013, 05:14 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle


    Don't force you wife to quit her job. You have to undestand her point of view. If you want to start a family then you can do that at any given time. Working mothers are not uncommom in these days. Today is the age of Women Empowerment and you should know that. Every women has the right to say their opinion about family matter and you should talk to her to find out her point of view. If she does not agree with your proposal then you should give her sme space and liberty. After all, if you don't understand each other you will never be a happy couple. Getting job in these days is very tough so you should not force her to quit her present job.


  • 31-07-2013, 05:11 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    It's good to know that you care enough about the career of your wife because this is your duty and if you had not cared before then you would have never got the current situation at this time so this is your responsibility to start your family now because your profession is enough good and you are earning sufficient that you can easily maintain your family including your wife because you have saved more for your future and that will make you very happy in near future that is why you should talk to your wife about the personal future not professional because professional will be continue in the same way but personal life is more important that is why both of you should start preferring personal affairs

    When your find her at home then both of you should talk about this matter because your wife can understand at this time that money is enough and that is not everything and do not force her to leave the job because she loves her job and if you will force then she may get angry so give her sometime to think about this matter and wait for the decision and I am sure that she will be in your favor and if she demands for some more time then you should give her and let her be happy in her life with profession

    Your can keep your personal argument that you want now because it has been a long time when both of you have worked and earned enough and that period of 5 years so now responsibility of both of you to settle your family as soon as possible

    All the best
  • 31-07-2013, 03:00 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    it is more a personal problem as well as professional.if she has enough experience in her field ,than you both can go for family extension decision while continuing her job,later on she can apply for leave and your relatives can come and support you at that time in home making and health . every firm has certain rules for lady employee concerning their personal life,and once she gets her family, she will surely concentrate on her family rather than job.
    it is your responsibility to carry out all decisions among you both happily rather than making her compromise.
  • 31-07-2013, 02:20 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    Hi, It's really good that you are so much concerned about your wife's priorities and understand her feelings as well. As you have mentioned that both of you have been working for last 5 years and have sufficient savings now and you too are earning pretty well, henceforth, you can afford to shoulder your family alone and ask your wife to take some rest and in the meanwhile she can plan a sweet little baby. I also understand your wife's position that she loves her job and might be a bit resistant to quit it now. However, she is a woman and women are considered to be an epitome of love, concern and compassion. So talk to your wife about your plans and the family planning, I am sure she would be also somewhere waiting for a new member to come in the family. In the meanwhile, she can look for work from home options in which she can utilise her time staying at home to the best. There are many options available on the net like EALP and many more. Wish you luck! Thanks.
  • 31-07-2013, 02:15 PM

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    I think it is a good decision taken by you.
    she has leave the job by her own.if you respect her you should not insist her to leave the job.even you are in the top position and getting good salary.she is also an educated women if don't do the job what is the use that education.
    If she not good as a house hold then she have try to work as a good household but it is not necessary to leave the the job opportunities have become very less in the society.And she love the work what she is doing then she should not leave the job.
    all the best

    thank you
  • 31-07-2013, 02:03 PM
    vinod kumar

    Re: Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    hello guest,
    India is a developing country.all other countries which are developed has working women that is in those countries woman works.actually if all the population works the growth rate increases.this is the concept behind the development.these days,in India it is observing that women are interested in is good for the nation as well as individual because when in a family there would two people who works then development would be more.
    it is more interesting that your wife likes her,in my view you should not stop may have to face some problems regarding settlement but later you will find it more beneficial.
    thank you!!!
  • 31-07-2013, 01:47 PM

    Want my wife to quit her job and start my family and settle

    My wife and I have been working for the past 5 years and have a good amount of savings by now. I am at a very good position at my job now. I want her to quit her job and settle down and start my family. She loves her job and I donít want to take it away from her. Is it the right thing to do? What other work from opportunities does she have?

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