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  • 30-06-2013, 11:28 AM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    These things can happen in companies where you will have to do other work also besides your own to compensate for the lack of employees. See it is not easy to get temporary employees in such conditions so the management tries to manage things by adopting such measures. As an employee you willl have to follow the orders, as in future if you will require some days leave the same thing will happen to other employees. You can ask your boss for some extra benefits in terms of extra salary for doing extra work. Think it as a few days matter and try to adjust things to make your work easier. You can also ask your boss for some help in the extra work by giving some part of the cashier work to other employees. This will reduce burden of work from you.
  • 24-01-2013, 12:44 PM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    Overload of work is always have a negative impact on the employees health and his performance. Firstly you should not take too much stress, it's good for your health. In this situation, Forwarding your issues, complaints to higher authorities always work. Your manager may not be trying to recruit as he have thought you are capable to handle both works. So, you should remove his blind thought and make him aware about the situation you are going through and also request him to appoint a new employee to cope up with the overload. Remaining silent won't help in this case.
  • 22-01-2013, 11:02 PM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    The job of cashier is very important and also requires lot of attention as it involves money.
    In your case, you need to ask your boss for the time as you want to discuss this issue.
    You need to tell your Boss, thah doing two different work at same time is leading to work pressue and this may lead to some mistake.
    Since both of them is important job, so you should be allocated another staff to help
    Talking and putting your problem in front of Boss may only help you in finding a solution.
  • 21-01-2013, 10:12 PM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    quit the job if your not getting extra salary for additional work you had taken up.. approach higher authorities of company tell them your problem.. if they also don't show any then find other company for work.. if don't report his matter,boss will take you for granted
  • 21-01-2013, 08:30 PM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees


    You need to discuss this issue with the higher authorities.
    Tell them too much of work is taking a toll on you.
    As a result,you are not able to do your work as well as other work with full focus.
    Request them to kindly spread the same work among other employees as well.
    Or they should recruit the concerned person.

    Here are some of things that you can do to minimize the work pressure-

    1) Meditation
    2) Yoga
    3) Counselling
    4) Talk to someone whom you like the most
    5) Listen to music to refresh yourself


  • 21-01-2013, 01:15 AM

    Re: Work pressure due to lack of employees

    Hi buddy

    You should certainly not strain yourself in excess and put so much pressure on your mind as this is not good for your performance and most importantly for your health. You should have a good health if you want the best performance in your work. Otherwise your work performance will certainly decrease and you may even get sick due to this excessive workload.Thus its better you should tell your boss what is in your mind regarding this matter and not be afraid of him .

    You go to your boss and tell him that now as you have two jobs to handle, one yours and the other of the cashier, this is putting excess burden on your shoulders which is affecting your work performance as well as your health. You want to give the best to this company which you are being able to now, and thus you request your boss to please employ someone temporarily in place of the cashier until he comes back to work.

    I am sure if you talk politely and with conviction, your boss will certainly understand you and thus help you out in this problem of yours. Good luck buddy
  • 20-01-2013, 12:36 PM

    Work pressure due to lack of employees

    work as a clerk in a private firm. Recently due to absence of an employee(cashier),I am given the responsibility to handle my work as well as do the work of the cashier. This is putting a great pressure on me. Boss is also not showing any sign of recruiting part time employees. How should I approach him regarding this issue?

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