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    Nearing the end of my last semester and still havenít got a job

    I am in the last semester of B.Tech Civil. The placements in our college start from the beginning of the 7th semester. But till now I havenít got any job and my last semester is also coming to an end. I am really very worried about my future. How to deal with this situation?

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    Re: Nearing the end of my last semester and still havenít got a job


    Friend, there is nothing to worry in this even if you are not having a job till now , it doesn't mean that you will not get a good job. Job in campus selection is totally depends upon the college and after that on your talent . If your college placement is not good then you can apply off campus , where you will get another opportunity to prove yourself and if you are having some problems with studies then you should remove it and don't worry have a good marks and knowledge and some soft skills and apply for off campus or in any company , you will get your goal.


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