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    My team leader changes his mind at the last moment

    This has happened four times with us. We work and slog for weeks to get a presentation and report right and at the last moment our team leader changes his mind and then we have to scramble to get the changes incorporated. It is very frustrating and demoralising. What do we do?

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    Re: My team leader changes his mind at the last moment

    Hi buddy

    As your team leader is your head you should try and learn good things from him and imbibe his good qualities. I am sure he would have some qualities which made him the leader of your group. But of course changing things at the last moment is certainly not a good habit. Its ok if its done one time or rarely but to do it frequently becomes irritating for the team members after a certain point of time. But of course as he's your team leader you cant retaliate directly but you should certainly make him understand that this habit of his is very demoralising for all the team members and he should try to avoid last minute changes as much as possible.

    Speak directly to your team leader. Mention everything in a polite manner and tell everything that is in your mind. Dont shy away or be afraid. I am sure as a team leader its his responsibility to listen to the problems of his team mates and thus try to encourage. A good team leader should have all these qualities. Hopefully he will listen to you and try to encourage the others by not making last minute changes.

    Good luck and God Bless

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