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    My seniors blame me for their own faults

    I am working in a consultancy company. I do my work with utter sincerity but my seniors blame me for any type of failure. They do not take their work seriously which result in such unwanted consequences. And now my boss has cut 10% from my salary this month salary. Do i need to complain against my seniors or there is another way to get my full payment.

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    Re: My seniors blame me for their own faults

    As you did not do any mistake you can complain to your higher official about your seniors,
    you explore yourself to your boss with good sincerity and hard work.show your boss that what you have done.As your seniors are blaming you for every cause you ask your seniors politely not to blame him for even the thing that the seniors have done.
    it is a good option for you to change the job because one should be given good honour and respect.

    all the best

    thank you

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    Re: My seniors blame me for their own faults

    If you have not did anything wrong then you can go to the higher autorities to solve this issue , because taking somebody's cap on your head will not good for you as they will use you every time for that.
    If there is a failure then its a team failure then punishment will be given to the whole team not a single person.
    And its a duty of your boss to investigate the truth of the empoloyee that who did the mistake as seniors said that you are a culprit then you need to prove that how you are getting involved in all the trouble.
    If you have any strong proof with you that prove that you are not involved in the mistake then they will listen to you and find the truth for the same.
    But if you are helpless , then nobody can help you.
    Then the last option for you is give the resignation from there as working with these kind of employees is not good for your career as they are not good at their work .
    What they eill teach you when they dont know anything.
    If they are decreasing the salary then do not accept the letter and leave the job , then definitely your boss will think about you.
    If not then its far better for you to leave that company and find other job.
    As per my views this condiction is every where if you are not strong and giving the chances to your senior to use you then things like this will happen everywhere.
    So you need to be strict in these situation and make a gap between you and you senior .

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    Re: My seniors blame me for their own faults

    hello friend,
    I think first you should consult your boss and seniors and try to find some solution so that your whole team works in some organized way. Enforce the respomsibilities for each member. This would guarantee the work done by him.
    If your seniors does not co-operate with you and does not come to some conclusion then you can think upon for complaining about them.
    But firstly try to solve issue without thinking about complaints because this will lead to grudges between team members and this may harm you in your coming future.

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    Re: My seniors blame me for their own faults

    Hi, If you are confident about your perfection and feel that your seniors are putting the blame of any failure at work on you, the my dear friend, you must never ignore such nuisance rather collect some proof of them creating blunders and then talk to your boss. If you have required proof of their mistakes and you are confident about your work, then your boss will have to believe you and this way you will be able to turn the situation in your favour. Thanks.

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