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    My secretary asking for a salary hike which she does not deserve

    I am the manager of a MNC. Recently my secretary has been after me as she wants a salary hike soon. But I donít think she deserves a salary hike as her performance has not been upto the mark. But she is not ready to listen to me. How to explain this to her?

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    Re: My secretary asking for a salary hike which she does not deserve


    Friend , don't mind but you are saying like that she is your boss and she is not listening to you. You are the manager buddy , how can she not listen to you. If you think that its not time to salary hike for her as she don't deserves a salary hike this time them you should tell her about this properly. Explain her in a nice and humble way about her abilities and say her to perform well and then she will get a salary hike for sure. Talk to her and say her about her demerits and appreciate her also for her good things and explain all reasons for which you think that its not the right time for a salary hike. I'm sure if you explain her with proper reason and in a better way, she will listen you, but don't forget to appreciate her for her good habit also.


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