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    My salary has not increased after the completion of one year in MESCO

    I am working as a control room engineer in Power plant of MESCO. According to government rules there will be increment of 36000 per year to the salary of government employees. I have already completed a year in this plant and still now I have not got any promised increment. what should be done for such negligence towards my salary?

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    Re: My salary has not increased after the completion of one year in MESCO

    When you have completed your one year service? If there is abnormal delay in giving increment then you have a right to approach for the same. Normally in government companies things are being delayed. If any of your colleagues got it just after completion of their one year service? If so, you have a proof and you can request your HR manager for the necessary follow up.Till then wait a while with patience you will also get the same. Maintain good relations with all and concentrate your work to get good will from the superiors. regards

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    Re: My salary has not increased after the completion of one year in MESCO

    If your salary is not increase then you should go to the HR manager and asks for the reson that why you are not getting the increment as 1 year has already been passed, and in many companies employer give the increment every year.
    If they say that you are not recommended by the boss then go to boss and ask for the reason, after that if he also say some rubish things then go to the higher authorities and ask that why increment is not done as you are doing the work at very low salary.
    You should also explain that your family is unable to survive after getting this much low salary.
    Its a rule that after 1 years there must be 10 percent of increment onthe basic salary.
    If they are not providing then its your right to ask that.
    If they are not having that much fund to increase the salary then you can find any other job and write the salary expectations more than the current salary.
    If you get the pffer letter on that salary then leave the current job and join theother company.

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