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    My resume being highly criticized by my teachers

    I am gearing up to attend the on-campus placements and now am concentrating on making my resume in the best possible way. Just few days back when I showed a rough copy of my resume to my teachers for their guidance, but unfortunately it became the topic of criticism. I am really very depressed after that incident. How can i prove myself after such criticism?

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    Re: My resume being highly criticized by my teachers

    Hi aspirant

    You should take this incident sportingly and not get dejected in this manner. Rather you should take this as a challenge and try to improve your resume as soon as possible. You should not get depressed in this manner and thus try to overcome this situation and come out as a winner. You should first of all keep in mind to keep your resume as short as possible like 2-3 pages. Then you should see to it that you have added all your achievements to your resume.

    You should not make long sentences and keep everything crisp and short. Use good vocabulary and also use correct grammar. Also add your extra courses like java, c language to your resume. If you have done the course of any foreign language like french or german , then add that too. also add the extra curricular activities in which you have participated during your college time.

    I am sure that with all the proper details about yourself, you will definitely end up making a better resume and hopefully will prove everyone wrong. I hope that you get my point. Good luck

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    Re: My resume being highly criticized by my teachers

    donít feel sad when you are getting criticized by your teachers, instead take that criticsm in a positive way and find your way out to make it the best resume you can ever make. try to communicate with teachers and ask them that what exactly is the problem in my resume and then just work on your weak points

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    Re: My resume being highly criticized by my teachers

    hello friendcriticism is the main thing in social life but it's not means that we should end our hopessuccessdesires and too others.You should ask someone regarding to complete an impressive and effective resume by any resume experts Some online sites provide handsomelly solutions for many new comers candidates.You should attend your communications and interview skills with well developing techniques.You should not think about criticism, even in success is waiting you.thanks

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