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    My presentation being criticized by the senior officials

    I am working in a software company. Recently I was chosen to give a presentation on a certain topic. It was my first time and so I was very nervous. In my nervousness I made many mistakes during the presentation. As a result the senior officials criticized my presentation . I was very depressed after that. How to deal with such criticism?

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    Re: My presentation being criticized by the senior officials

    Hi friend

    I think you should try to take such criticism in a positive manner and not be depressed like this. The negativity will certainly lower your morale and will spell more trouble for you. Rather you should take it as a challenge that the next time you are not going to make such mistakes and will show your boss what you are capable of. Then only they will realise your true potential I am sure. So friend be confident of yourself and take this as a challenge.

    Make it a point that when you give your presentation the second time, you will not get nervous and will remain calm and composed. You will be confident of your preparation and thus will impress everyone with your grit and determination so that all of them clap when your prresentation is over. So friend if you only think about the positive things and forget about the past, I am sure you will definitely succeed.

    Be brave and fight every situation courageously. Good luck

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    Re: My presentation being criticized by the senior officials

    There is no room to get depressed in professional world.You should learn from your failure and strive hard for success.There is no use of getting depressed rather than not improving yourself.Nervousness is absolutely unwanted in professional world.

    Hence you have to overcome it to get good results.Your failure at the presentation and criticism reveals that there is a room for improvement in this field for you.So you should analyze your mistakes and work upon them and not repeat them in future.

    For a good presentation Personal qualities,Subject knowledge and Knowledge of software like Power Point are required.You must practice alot in order to be best. Proper beginning and a logical conclusion is very important elements of presentation skill.

    Try to choose the language of the speech along with the slides as simple and in which you are comfortable.This will reduce your nervousness.Have eye contact with the people.Try to motivate people inorder to make the presentation interactive one.Practice among your friends and colleagues before going to the real occasion.Remain calm and try to focus only on your work.Remove all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind before the presentation.

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