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    My PF amount is kept on hold for the reason that I have left the job without any notice

    I was working in BPO Company from past 3 years. Recently because of manager harassment I decided to resign from this job and look out. I wrote a mail to my manager to accept my resignation letter. He told, he canít relieve me now and ask me to withdraw it. As I had no other option I sent the mail for the same. They did not send me acceptance mail. After few days I was relieved without reason and prior notice. Now I am struggling to get my PF amount. They are holding me on the ground that I had left the job without notice. Please help me. What should I do in this case?

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    Re: My PF amount is kept on hold for the reason that I have left the job without any notice

    No one can hold your PF money as the PF money is deposited with the Government of india.
    In your Case, you should meet the HR manager and explain him/her the whole situation.
    You should tell them that you had sent your resignation as per the procedures laid down.
    But the Manager asked to with draw the resignation and later i was releived from the job.

    So if any dues are there with regards to Non serving of notice period, than that should be adjusted with the pending leaves and if still some notice period days are left, than you should pay for that period.
    If they still not agree to you Try to meet the senior people in the Management or send them an email.
    Last resort is to Complain it to the PF office in which your area falls.

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    Re: My PF amount is kept on hold for the reason that I have left the job without any notice

    Hi friend. You are certainly not in the wrong here and thus should not worry. As you are on the right side you certainly will win. Have faith in God and take necessary action. As you have told them earlier to accept your resignation letter but at that time they didnt listen to you due to some reason of theirs. But after that they relieved you withouy prior notice so that you could not serve your notice period. So its certainly their fault. THey should have informed you beforehand before relieving you and should have told you to serve your notice period. Now they are trying to hide their own fault and puting the whole blame on you. You should not withstand such injustice.

    Firstly you go to their office and tell them the whole thing from the beginning to end . Dont miss anything and state all the facts. Tell them that its their fault that they didnt give you prior notice and that you want your PF amount soon. Tell them that they have no right to withhold your PF amount. If they had told you earlier you would have certainly served the notice period as per the rules of the company. It was they who forced you not to serve and now are putting the whole blame on you.

    Warn them that if they dont give your PF amount back you would file a case against them which will hurt the reputation of their company. You dont like to do such a thing as you too had been an employee here but if they force you , you dont have any other option.

    I am sure they will give your PF amount back..Good luck friend

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