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    My office timings are not changing for winters

    I am a female employee working in a private organisation. Usually my office timings are 9:30 AM to 7:00 in the evening. I summers itís ok to work so late but being a married women I have to leave for home early in winters as it gets so dark. When I do so my salary has been deducted and when pleaded the employer refused. What shall I do?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: My office timings are not changing for winters

    Hi .. You certainly have a genuine problem and your employer should really help you out in this..Generally in most of the companies the timings remain the same throughout the year but if you have a genuine problem your employer should certainly help you out..

    India is certainly not a Safe country for women especially at nights..There are many mishaps happenings daily with the women and these are certainly growing by the day..But of course i am not trying to frighten you, you should be a strong independent women,,You should try to fight such situations..I think every girl should be training in Self defense early on in her school days so that all of them can protect themselves when the need arises..This is one of the current hot topic of discussiion now-a-days..

    But in your case, you should talk to your employer again and tell him how is not safe for you to go home late night so you maybe forced to leave this job if he doesnt help you out..He can provide you a company chauffer driven car but if that is asking for too much he should atleast relieve you early..Or you can talk to your husband or family regarding this and they may help you out..

    Safety should be your first priorty..I think such people who harm women should be punished severely so that the others take lesson and such incidents decrease thus making our country a safe place for women,,But this is a gradual process and will take a long time..

    Good luck

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    Re: My office timings are not changing for winters

    Rules are same for all..you can't change office timings i can understand your problems regarding security and other aspects.. don't expect your manger to change timings as because there are some work conditions and work culture they don't change according to seasons. i am not discouraging or speculating this matter but i am telling you the fact.i think you really need to discuss this matter with your family,regarding your travelling to home.. tell your husband to pick you from nearest location of your office i hope he does it..when your salary is deducted then its not fine having working for soo many hours.. and because of only 1-2 hours of not working give you loss of pay its not fine.

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