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    In my office existing employees treats new recruitments as their slaves

    It has been a tradition schools and colleges that newcomers face ragging and leg pulling from their seniors but is this too with the corporate world that juniors are getting rude behaviour from their seniors. How can employer help in this?

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    Re: In my office existing employees treats new recruitments as their slaves


    This is really very bad thing to hear... in the job field also this type of incedence is still happening...
    This should be reported directly or indirectly to HR for best course of action....
    In this situation, the senior needs to be changed and behaviour should be changed....

    raise the voice through all employees who are facing this issue to the top management so that no one can be identified separately and there should not be any misbehaviour by seniors....

    Also by this way all the seniors will be serious by the fear that any one can report for the next behaviour....

    Also this report will be file in the HR employee master record file...

    Don't be afraid...

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    Re: In my office existing employees treats new recruitments as their slaves

    As you are the employer you are the boss of the company and it is really good to see that you are concerned about the employees working under you.

    You have all the power to impose rules and regulations in the company to solve any such problems.

    It would be better that you call a meeting of the senior employees and ask them why they are behaving so rudely.

    You can also give them strict warnings so that they don't repeat such things again, you can also make them understand that as they are seniors they

    need to behave like seniors and respect cannot be gained like the way they are treating there juniors.

    Tell them that such things are not good for the working environment of the company and such things are needed to be checked right from now


    Give them clear warnings that you would be looking closely and if find such things happening again than they will have to bear punishments.

    Only by giving the message that you are not going to tolerate such behavior will be the solution to this problem.

    To be sure you can timely receive feed backs from the juniors in form of surveys indirectly, it would be much better that you don't communicate this

    matter to your juniors that you have taken such steps against seniors as some times any junior can take unnecessary advantage of such things.

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    Re: In my office existing employees treats new recruitments as their slaves

    Dear if the employer or company does not care about this issue then nothing may happen for juniors in that company because work is work but posts should not be included in the work and to make a successful business, you need to make the environment better for work and a good atmosphere for all employees so everyone could work better and provide advantage to the company but if the atmosphere is not good in the company then no one would like to stay in the company that is why employer should care about this and make strict rules and regulations against this and if he will not make then it may convert into the big issue because junior employees does not wear bangles in the hands means they also may raise their voice against this and may handle the problem themselves and this may be a big problem because sometimes, employees can fight because of working so this is the duty of employer that they manager the office and all personnel and make a good business but if the employer is failed in doing this then he/she should resign the job or should be fired immediately

    All the best

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