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    My manager asking me to take a break from work

    I am working in a software company. Recently due to some personal problems, there has been a decrease in my work performance. So just yesterday my manager advised me to take some time off from work so that when I come back I perform my work with utmost sincerity. I feel it as a sarcastic remark and thus I am afraid of losing my job. What should I do in such a situation?

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    Re: My manager asking me to take a break from work

    Dear friend,
    Don't be nervous .just take a break for few days and go for a picnic or travelling so your mood will be changed and you will feel good and after come back you can join your routine work efficiently.i hope you will like my suggestion.

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    Re: My manager asking me to take a break from work

    Hi aspirant

    Your manager may have certainly spoken to you in a sarcastic way but you should not mind the same as you know that your performance has genuinely gone down and your manager is not wrong in pointing this out to you, whatever his method maybe. Now you have only one option left and i.e. your work should speak for you and nothing else should matter to you at this moment. So you try to give your work full dedication at this time and I am sure your manager will forget everything.

    you should try to keep your personal problems aside and should try to concentrate on your work from now on. Put in your 100% effort in your work and don't be shy from giving it as much time as possible. Complete every task on time and think creatively for each aspect of your work. Then I am sure you will be able to impress your manager and then he will hold no grudge against you.

    Good luck friend. I hope you get out of this problem soon

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    Re: My manager asking me to take a break from work

    Hello Friend,
    If you doubt something fishy then be aware it may be a warning and you have to take proper care afterwards such that your work wont be affected.dont take any leave at once though you need that thank your manager for his suggestion and promise him you will give your effort to improve your performance.and once you are back in the form or after a couple of week take a leave and short out all your personal problems and then come back with a bang in performance.unless until your personal problems resolved you wont be able to focus so try to solve it first.
    Thank you

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