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    My friend never pays her share in office contributions

    Whenever there is a office contribution for a gift or party my friend always asks me to pay for her share but she never pays me back. We both get the same salary and I don't know how to stop paying for her and get my money back?

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    Re: My friend never pays her share in office contributions

    It is a common problem that you are facing and the solution to this problem is nothing but smart work by you. If you keep waiting for the right time to talk to your friend then that time is expected to not come and you will have to put a stop somewhere down the line. The best way to begin is that when ever such a situation arises you should just start talking about all your expenses at hand for the coming month and how it will not be possible for you to even pay your share. You can just talk about some expenses that she is aware of to make her feel that the situation is true.
    Incase your friend isn't able to take the cue and find out what you are trying out then you can narrate a hypothetical incident to her where you talk about the same situation and through that tell your plight. You can tell that it gets difficult to say a 'no' and at the same time it is not possible to shell out double the money especially when things are so expensive these days. If your friend is intelligent enough then she should understand what you are hinting at.
    Another thing that could work for you is that when ever again a situation arises where you have to pay for some party or gift then you can ask your friend to pay for you as well saying that you just dont have any money with you. This way you can make her pay for all the previous times that you have paid for her. Just in case your friend does not improve her ways then you should just tell her directly that it is not possible for you to pay double and she gets the same salary as you and that she should learn to manage her resources. I hope things get better for you. Thank you.

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    Re: My friend never pays her share in office contributions

    Hello, There are some miser people like this!They dont miss any occassion,but when it comes to contribution of any money they simply dont pay for them.Next time she asks you to pay for her,clearly say that you cant because you have some financial stringency at hone.If you regect her clearly,then she may feel ashamed and stop during such activities in future.

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    Re: My friend never pays her share in office contributions

    Dear Friend!

    I don't think of it just as a morale issue - if you tell folks that you will not be paying her or that you will be docking her pay. And your friend know you very well that you are being way too nice for her. You are not using robots to do your dirty work, the loan never happened and she know you won't break up with you. So this it the common issue for you. Please tell her directly you are not going to pay from now for any party or functions of company as a contributions for . I hope she will understand the situations and will not say again to pay you forward.

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