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    My ex- boss is spreading bad words about me in my new office

    I thought my ex boss and I had parted on very good terms. The other day my new boss called me in his office and told me that my ex boss had given him a call and gave him a very bad report about my work. I am all confused and stunned. Should I call up my ex boss and ask him why he was doing this? Or should I just ignore the problem?

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    Re: My ex- boss is spreading bad words about me in my new office

    Hello ,
    It is very strange that an ex-boss of your company would impart bad image of you in your next company and spread bad words about you .
    If you think you parted in good terms , you should go and confront him as it his wrong of him to do so .
    Ignoring him will not help plus it may just add up his fury .

    Ask for the reasons and the misunderstandings between them . Be totally frank with your ex-boss as you again tell
    him the reason you had to quit your previous job because of a solid reason .
    Remove all perspn grudges and act lie professionals .
    You should clear the air between you two as it would lead to more such events .

    You should also go and talk to your own boss and try to convince that this is done purposely and none of them is true .
    You can show your performance record to back up to show you are a dedicated and sincere employee
    who works for betterment of the company .

    Hope all goes well for you .

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    Re: My ex- boss is spreading bad words about me in my new office

    i think that your ex-boss has revenge mentality towards you this is very strange and also very bad behavior of your ex-boss.. Its very evident from the incident that he is calling your new boss and reporting it to him... Don't be afraid of people who are not mature enough of being in boss position... Now you should work like a professional in organisation..come-on man you should not feel bad.this will only weaken you. strength is life weakness is death.. don't be depressed you young man be bold.. Just ignore the comments of your ex-boss.. Even though he told your new boss you should prove yourself that your genuine and honest in your work and have all capabilities in dealing the situation that others create like hurdles which are just done by your opponents... Now arise up to your abilities behave like man..,don't be afraid when you have done nothing wrong..don't even call your ex-boss better ignore him like anything its your responsibility to prove your strength to your new boss then he will appreciate you and even encourages you... This is a permanent solution... All the best win the hearts of people .. My regards to you as well..

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