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    My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    I am a newbie to a company and performing well to the expectation of the HR. But my colleagues are jealous of me and always try to divert me from doing my job properly. For a new project we had prepare a presentation. I had prepared mine presentation but while presenting at the conference hall all of the colleagues objected by pointing out different negative aspects probabilities. So I went nervous and blowed up my presentation. Our HR provided me another chance but what will I do is same situation appears again.

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    hello frnd .. Its the part and truth of life that no one can be happy with ur progress. but u should do the things in ur own way. people notice the points its ok,
    u should work hard and go for the presentation again with the confidence. answer their quetions with the confidence.. no one can do anything when u will be able to do so

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    1.Firstly you should not fight back and Dont fire back.

    2.Dont remove yourself from the grapevine. Become a fellow grape.
    3.Good deeds can actually help you go UN-punished.
    Make sure your friends arent only in those high places.
    Cash in on the fringe perks of fringe time.

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    Hi Dear, First of all, maintain a positive attitude and do not let such negative thoughts occupy your mind. Secondly, be friendly with your friends but do not give so much importance to their opinion when it comes to your work rather have a strong mind and a strong will to give your best. You are a matured professional so you should have belief in your work and you must trust your competencies. When you are assigned any work, please do not discuss aloud with your colleagues rather think and work hard till its completion. Believe your instincts and have confidence, you will get what you deserve and desire for.....Cheers..!

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    If your colleagues are jealous then you should not worry for that because they are not like you, they are not having any value for the company so that they are frustrated, they do not have any sense of responsibility thats why they are not getting the promotion.
    Even they dont asks for the promotion because they know they willnot get that as they are not eligible for that.
    Inspite of being jealous of you if they try to do hard work they will also get the promotion or success.
    You can concentrate on your work , let them jealous of you for how long they be like that after some period of time they will change themselves and after they will understand the value of the work and then company also understand their value.
    This shows that they are not mature to perform the job, if they get some maturity in their work then it will be better for them.
    If you think that they will harm you because of that then do not worry as these things are the normal in life.
    If you dont behave rude with them then they will never be rude with you.
    so always concentrate on your work, what other thinks about you does not matter.

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    hello friend,
    Don not think negative about anything. All will go fine. If your colleagues think negative about you and try to harm you in any way then you should take this in positive way.
    Like in presentation they were poiniting negative probabilities, this means that was the probability of failing your project. So its better to remove all mistakes and get prepared for the negative consequences which could come in near future. So your friends are helping you to build up a project which would not fail in future.
    Now prepare for the next chance given by your HR , and try to cover all negative consequences that could come . Justify those consequences with positive points of your project. Do not get nervous at that time and do not think they are jealous of you. Just have positive mind, and think they are helping you to do work error-less. Your positive attitude can give you good results.

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    See you can be right that your colleagues are jealous from your performance, but as far as your presentation is concerned you will have to answer questions whether you like it or not. This is the thing that creates a difference between an average presentor and an exceptional one. As you have said that they pointed out negative aspects than you will have to answer them this is the main reason why a presentation is given as it helps in getting different view points and also answers of question.

    It is understandable that you are new and you will learn things with time but with such situations only you would be able to learn and thus be able to improve your presentation abilities. Don't take this in a negative sense take this as a challenge and work on your presentation and find out the answers of questions that were asked and also those that could be asked from your presentation. Good preparation can only help you in improving your confidence. Come on you are a talented person and you need to show them to all your colleagues.

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    Re: My colleagues are jealous of my progress

    its a bad thing and you should adress that situation in a good and you should give him a good tackle so that they will not do it in the next time and say your boss about the tactics playing with you by your coemployees and say him that his presentation is not good because of their involvement and say him that he will resign if it continues and find a new one so that you can leave happily with your new life.
    thank you..............

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