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    My colleague who has recently joined is getting more salary than me

    I am working as a sub-editor in a reputed newspaper agency. Recently another employee joined as a sub-editor. While we were having some discussion, I asked him about his salary. I found out that he is getting more salary than me . But this is not fair as I am more experienced than him. What should I do in this case?

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    Re: My colleague who has recently joined is getting more salary than me

    Hi friend

    I think you should certainly find the reason of you getting a lower salary than your colleague who has just recently joined because I also personally think that this is not fair and you should be certainly given more salary than him because you are more experienced than him and I am sure even a better performer. He has just recently joined so I am sure he will need some time to adjust to the working conditions of the company and then only he can perform optimally.

    So its better you should fught against injustice and try to get what you deserve rather than working on a substandard salary which certainly doesn't justify your calibre and hard work. So you should talk to your manager and tell him directly that you think you are being paid less than what you deserve as you have found from somewhere that some less experienced employees of this company are being paid more than you and thus this surely is not fair on the part of the management. You have been working faithfully for so many years for the company and thus deserve a better treatment than this.

    I am sure this will make your manager feel ashamed of himself and thus he will certainly give you what you deserve and am sure will never do such injustice with anyone in future.

    Good luck. Thanks

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    Re: My colleague who has recently joined is getting more salary than me

    This doesn't consider to be an right treatement to his employees by an News agency. When an two employees are working at same level and same position, the salary for both should be equal. If anyone has experience just like you, then the salary should be higher than new employee, but in your case it's happened just opposite. Firstly before taking any action, you need to confirm that your colleague is saying truth, it's necessary because sometimes the colleagues make us jealous. If it's true, then find the reason for having low salary. After that request your manager for the increment in the salary and if he denies then state the fact of your lower salary than new employee. He will definately increase your salary.

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