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    My colleague is trying to misguide me in a project

    I am working as an employee in an automobile company. I have been allotted a project and we are a team of 10 members. Recently I was confused about an aspect of the project and thus asked for help from one of my colleagues.But he told me something that I think is wrong. I think he is misguiding me so as to get himself benefitted. How to deal with such colleagues?

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    Re: My colleague is trying to misguide me in a project

    Dear friend,
    You are going with such a critical situation.if you are sure that your colleague misguide you than i think you have to keep distance from him and try to introduce your self with another colleague who can guide you perfect or you have to talk about this matter in front of your boss so he will introduce you with some good person and they will guide you perfect.I hope your doubt will be clear now.

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    Re: My colleague is trying to misguide me in a project

    Hi aspirant

    You should not let your colleague misguide you in this manner and certainly teach him a lesson so that he never repeats such a thing again with any of his colleagues. You should definitely talk to him in this regard if you think he is misguiding you and not giving you the right information. Let him that you cannot be fooled in this way and that he cannot take you for granted. He should know that you are as smart as him and thus cannot be taken advantage of in this manner.

    You should talk to him in free time and speak your mind out. Tell him that you have asked him for his help on a certain aspect of the project because you were having difficulty in it. but you later found out that what he has told you is completely wrong and that he has given you this wrong information so he himself can getthe benefit and thus gain more brownie points over you. You are really disappointed in him as you considered him to be your friend and now he has betrayed you in this manner. You hope that he realises his mistake and thus never behaves with any employee in this manner.

    I am sure your colleague will feel ashamed of himself and will certainly ask you for forgiveness. Then your problem will also be solved. Good luck

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    Re: My colleague is trying to misguide me in a project

    Hello Friend,
    The case may be that you are judging him wrong.
    or he may not have that much of knowledge in that particular aspect and he dont want you to know that so he just bluffed.
    many possibility can be considered but if you find something fishy then consult any other team mates and can clarify your doubts.
    friend dont build up this kind of mistrust among your friends by doubting for silly things and for your assistance there are many other member in the team you can ask them if you stuck up smewhere.
    Thank You.

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