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    My co-ordinator is putting a lot of pressure on me without any increase in pay

    I am a teacher working in a government school. Our co-ordinator is putting a lot of pressure on me due to the upcoming inspection by the CBSE board. But whenever I ask her to increase my pay, there is no reply from her side. I am really fed up of this. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: My co-ordinator is putting a lot of pressure on me without any increase in pay

    This is a common feature in most of the government or semi-government schools that there is huge pressure on the teachers during the time of inspection.So,in your case also the same has happened.You should cooperate with the coordinator rather than asking for increase in your pay.This is because:-

    -The coordinator is working for the reputation of the school.
    -The pressure upon you is for your betterment as you will also be evaluated.
    -The increase in pay cannot be implemented by the coordinator since it is a government school.
    -The pressure is only due to the upcoming inspection which will ease off after the inspection is over.
    -After the inspection is over,you can relax as pressure will be less and you can carry on with your work comfortably.
    -You should try to remain in the good books of the coordinator to get various favour from him/her in future.
    -You can at the most request the coordinator to suggest your name to the principal for promotion if possible.

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    Re: My co-ordinator is putting a lot of pressure on me without any increase in pay

    Hi friend

    Your co-ordinator is definitely doing the wrong thing by putting so much work pressure on you without giving you any hike. She should definitely be more responsible than this and learn to deal with her teachers in a more proper manner. She should not misuse her power in this way and should try to understand her responsibility as a co-ordinator. She should not take undue advantage of the teachers if they don't raise their voice against her. So friend you should definitely try to raise your voice against her and try to have your own way in this matter. You should take advantage of this situation and try to get your work done.

    You should go and talk to her and not be afraid to discuss this matter with her. Tell her that you want an increase in your salary soon as you have been working so hard all these years and thus want your deserved salary increase. You have been given a lot of responsibility due to the upcoming CBSE board inspection and thus want to get your salary hike also so that you can give your best to this inspection and work with happiness.

    Tell her that if you remain dissatisfied with your job then you may not be able to give your best to this inspection and that they would be responsible for that. So you really hope that they will take the right decision and thus will give you your salary hike soon. You just hope that she has understood your point and thus will act soon.

    I am sure your co-ordinator will get your point and thus will definitely help you out in this matter. And if she really wants you to give you your best in this inspection, then I am sure she will fulfill your demand soon and thus your problem will be solved . Then you will not have to worry about this anymore.

    Also if she doesn't give you your hike, then you should immediately leave your job and hence give your resignation. You also know that for good professional growth , you require a good salary hike and thus should not work in this school if you are not getting any growth here.So friend do what is best for your career and thus try to find the best possible job for yourself.

    Good luck and Thanks

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