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    My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    I am working in a software company. Recently there was an announcement that all the teams are required to present the outline of their project in front of our manager and other officials. As our team leader is not well, my boss wants me to present it on the behalf of our team. I am feeling extremely nervous as I have never done it before. how to handle such a situation?

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    It is obvious that you will be nervous after getting such a big opportunity to you. See one thing you must keep in your mind is that it is an opportunity that you have been given the job that your team leader would have been doing if he was we. You would be nervous as you fear that you are representing your team that too in front of officials, see your team leader would also have done this job first time before and like this many of your other seniors as well. They handled the situation and kept there nerves at that time. For getting a growth in your career and have a successful careers these things will come and if you handle these opportunities well than you will also have a successful career.
    See you are given the job because the boss finds you the next best person in the team after your leader which is a great thing. If your boss is
    showing confidence in you than it is your responsibility to keep his confidence such things only helps an employee to gain success in his career. You are definitely an eligible person for this job, just prepare well for the presentation and grab this opportunity. The better you will prepare more you will be confident.
    Before presentation make yourself comfortable by reaching atleast half an hour before the presentation and see everything is proper including your presentation so that your confidence won't get effected by any mistakes or technical problem. After seeing your presentation
    in the presentation room before this will make you confident that your presentation is perfect. If possible give this presentation in front of your team members before your actual presentation to find any faults.
    Be slow and clear with your voice, Once you will start your presentation everything will gradually get normal and the nervousness will automatically disappear.

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    hey friend,

    Don't get nervous , this is the chance and take it as a opportunity to get good post.
    you should prepare for the outline and practise it by yourself as many times as possible untill you get confidence.
    Think as if you are best and trying to give knowledge about which the audience is unaware of it

    Prepare very well along with the questions which can be asked to you.
    every part of project must be clearly understood by you to give bst
    This is your first time so you should be really good at it and very impressive too.
    Once you do this with full confidence you will gain more confidence,
    most importantly in the begginning you must build self confidence

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    you have golden opportunity for you to represent yourself as team leader success comes to a person only when you convert the opportunity in your favor when your boss has given this opportunity to you he might have known your skills and your abilities.. Now its time to grow up to meet his expectations,not many get this opportunity make full use of the confidence that your boss has in you.. The one thing you need to tackle is fear.. Fear is the dangerous and worst feeling that man should never have in your life.. Fear locks one's ability,destroys confidence, makes person inefficient to move forward in life.. You just have to represent your team and prepare the outline have confidence in you you have all the power believe in the positive energy that gives you the strength to do your presentations.. Don't fear what will have is good or bad presentation.. If your presentation of outline not satisfactory then you will learn from your experience.. When it turns out best and excellent then you will boost your confidence and you will be noticed by many team leaders and your mangers.. This will help you develop in your career.. So try to concentrate on positive side of your work all the very best

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    its a good situation where you have to enhance your skills and you should prove who you are and dont get tensed up.it the situation where you will be highlightened if your speech is good and far enough.
    dont feel that you are the employee feel that you are the head of a group so that it brigs you some confidence so that you will better in this situation and you may be highlightened and they may appreciate for the work you have done.
    so dont get tensed up and be cool and calm and learn some basic tips from your boss and proceed for your future.wiahing you all the best.
    thank you............

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    Hey Friend,
    It is indeed a very good opportunity for you. Do not let it go.

    Your boss finds you capable of doing the presentation and that is the reason he have given you the work to do.

    But Yes nervousness is very common factor in such situation and specially when you are doing it for the first time.

    But every thing have a first time. So do not worry about it at all.

    Some tips for you to be comfortable:-

    Get a good sleep although it is tough when you are stressed.

    Reach the venue at least 1/2 hour before the presentation timing.

    Prepare well and get the concept in your mind.

    Check the slides and other details.

    Start slowly there is no rush and be clear what you are explaining.

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    Dear friend,as you are working in a software company and your boss wants to show the outline of the project in the absence of the team leader who is sick. Dear, if you are sure that you can do it then do it in a bungle of the members you can also go to home of your teamleaders for the advice . Dear,try it hopefully you will receive your Goal and if you not complete your project then say your boss openly. Best Of Luck.

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    Re: My boss wants me to present the outline of our project as our Team leader is not well

    Hello Dear,

    Consider yourself fortunate for getting such a lovely opportunity. Dear, do not be nervous at all but think that you have been chosen by your boss because of your abilities. Gain confidence with this positive thought and start preparing for the day when you have to give the presentation. Prepare in writing and practice verbally at home in front of the mirror so that you could overcome all your fear and nervousness. Go well dressed for the presentation as this would help to boost your confidence. This is a marvellous opportunity for you to prove yourself and will help you to climb the ladder of success. So, accept my best wishes and take up this responsibility.


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