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    My boss wants me to be his driver as a punishment for my mistake

    I am working in a government organisation. Recently I broke one of the rules of the company by smoking inside the workplace. Now my boss has decided to punish me and he wants me to be his personal driver for a week. I think this is highly ridiculous and utter nonsense on his part. What should I do in such a situation

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    Re: My boss wants me to be his driver as a punishment for my mistake

    As you yourself know that you have disregarded one of the company rules. So the best way is to write an apology letter and ask for one chance promosing you wont repeat that mistake again.. In case he didn't agree even on this, you can ask some official punishment in terms of work and so. But friend, on a broader end, punishment must be decided him. No task is bad, if done with pure heart. Punishments are always ridiculous...


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    Re: My boss wants me to be his driver as a punishment for my mistake


    What you have done was really wrong! You are bound to follow the rules that has been imposed by your office.Your boss wants to punish you so that you dont repeat it again,nor anybody else dares to do anything of that kind.But the punishment he has suggested for you is unethical or you may say unlawful.I agree that you have done a mistake,but that doesnot mean that you have to be treated as if you are his servant ! He can impose fine on you for what you have done,but he cannot ask you to be your driver for a week! This is absolutely ridiculous.If he still sticks to his desicion,then you have the right to file a defamatory case against him.

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