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    My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most

    I am working in a private company. Our company is going through a very bad time financially and my boss needs me the most this time as he has full faith in me. But my sisterís wedding is coming soon and I would have to take leave for a week. Now he is very angry with me. How to come out of this situation?

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    Re: My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most

    Hi Dear,

    This is a very crucial time for you as you would have handle both the situations with utmost care and caution. Your sister's marriage is equally important as your office's business. If you leave your boss in the middle of this tough time, you would never be able to justify your roles and responsibilities towards him but on the other hand you can not even leave your sister's wedding as it's your responsibility to be at the side of your family at this crucial time.

    So, I would suggest you to discuss this matter with your family and see if the can get arranged some other auspicious dates for the wedding. If not, cut short your leaves for the wedding to 3 or 4 days or request your boss to allow you to work from home when you would be on leave.

    Talk to your boss frankly. I am sure he would either allow you to work from home or think of an alternative solution to this problem. Please do not worry and ask your boss also not to worry so much but have a cool and composed mind at this tough phase.

    Wish you luck!

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    Re: My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most


    I don't understand one thing clearly. Your company is not doing well is one issue and your sister wedding is another issue. I am sorry to say your boss does not have the skills to differentiate a wedding and a rough phase. You should provide him every assistance needed to get rid of the situation but he needs to understand your point of view as well. You should again talk to him and tell him tht as a brothr it is your sacred duty to do everything needed for your sister wedding. It is your duty and responsibity to stay with your family during this auspicious occasion. Your boss has no other option but to give you necessay leave. If Iwere you I should not hesitate to resign for my job to attend my sister wedding. Afetr all there are many jobs avaliable in the market.


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    Re: My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most

    hello friend
    what you have to do is that talk to your boss on this matter and told him/her that i can understand the situation of our company at that time boss but what can i do because after all it is my sister wedding and you know that it is also very important and we all know that the wedding is happen once in a lifetime and all the responsibility of my sister marriage are on me so that's why i have to take a leave of one week but i will assure you that whenever i will be back in the office i will give my hundred percentage to short out our company problem.
    all the best

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    Re: My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most

    • Both the work and sister's wedding is important and it requires your time also.
    • If you company is going through bad phase then you need to try to postpone the sister's wedding, so that you can devote all your time to company to get it back into good phase.
    • If postponing is not impossible then you can minimize leave days from 7 days to 3 days so that balancing between both becomes easy.
    • You also need to convince your boss that leave taken here is for genuine purposes and even you have minimized the leave days.

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    Re: My boss is very angry as my sisterís wedding is coming at a time when he needs me the most

    This is the extremely crucial time frame for you personally since you will include cope with their conditions by using extreme caution in addition to caution. Your sister's marriage is every bit as important as a person's office's business. In case you permit your coworkers in the midst of this specific tough time, you will in no way be capable of vindicate a person's positions in addition to duties to them nevertheless in contrast you should not also abandon a person's sister's marriage ceremony since it's your obligation to be at the side of your family only at that crucial time.

    And so, Gives you a great anyone to go over this specific topic with the fam and see if the could possibly get established another auspicious times for any wedding. Or even, trim small a person's foliage with regard to the wedding ceremony so that you can three to four a short time or demand your coworkers to allow you to work from home whenever choosing about leave.

    Ingredient containing hormones . manager frankly. I am certain he'd either allow you to help you house or imagine another solution to this particular problem. Remember to do not and inquire of your coworkers as well not to worry much nevertheless have a cool in addition to made up intellect only at that challenging phase.
    I personally miss the one thing clearly. Your small business is definitely not succeeding is but one situation as well as your sis marriage ceremony is an additional issue. I am sorry to state your coworkers won't have the skills so that you can distinguish a marriage in addition to a tough phase. It is best to supply him with each aid was required to remove the predicament nevertheless your dog must understand a person's mindset since well. It is best to just as before talk to them in addition to let him know that to be a brother it is a personal hallowed responsibility to accomplish satisfied to your sis wedding. It is a personal responsibility in addition to responsibility to live with the fame with this auspicious occasion. Your manager offers not one other method nevertheless to offer necessay leave. In case Iwere an individual I would definitely not hesitate so that you can decide with regard to our task to venture to our sis wedding. Afetr many there are several employment avaliable within the market.
    Your deliver the results in addition to sister's marriage ceremony is important in addition to it requires your time and energy also.
    If you organization will be through bad stage then you'll need to attempt to postpone the particular sister's marriage ceremony, so as to give many your time and energy so that you can organization to obtain it back in very good phase.
    In case putting off is definitely not impossible you'll be able to lessen abandon a short time coming from a week so that you can 3 a short time to ensure that evening out involving equally gets to be easy.
    Anyone should coerce your coworkers in which abandon considered here is with regard to real requirements and in some cases you may have lessened the particular abandon days.

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