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    My boss uses abusive language when talking

    My boss has a bad habit of using abusive language when talking or when we are in meetings. He does not even realize how his words sound to those who are listening. How can we tell him that his words are rude and insulting? or should we rope in the help of his seniors?

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    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking


    Procedure to fix the problem if your Boss uses abrasive language when you talking :
    If your boss use a Abrasive language and behave a rude manner then you have to talk with boss professionally and if you clearify a problem then boss will try to understand .

    If company in loss then boss uses a Abrasive language then for that you will be responsible and it will be your responsibility .

    But in case Boss Behave rudely in unnecessary manner then don't silent and if you have true then explain to the Boss Am are right .If your Boss are not try to understand then you can leave the company and job .

    And you can apply for other Interview and show your skills .

    During this critical situation you have to two path either you leave a job or work with the boss it is totally depends upon you and your choice .

    This is a proper way to fix the problem if your Boss not behave properly with you .


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    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking

    hello sirit is absolutely very worst behavior.every one who is working in corporate environment want a reputation in company or society.so it should not be wear at any rate by the employees.you should take some strict judgment if you are a valuable employee for company.first of all you should talk calmly with boss and should be explain all the effects of bad Behavior that boss do with employees.as being a human he/she will understand your situation.if not then you should take legal action against boss and case should be take into court for further judgment.all the best

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    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking

    this is realy a bad behaviour and being at this position doesn't suits him too. so try to talk to your boss in a healthy way directly . donot try to manipulate the situation. tell him in a decent way about this n do take female co-workers with you as that will have a more impact on the situation.


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    Smile Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking

    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking


    See,this is completely wrong if your Boss is behaving like this.
    He has no right to abuse the employees.
    Instead he should try to motivate them.
    I will suggest you to talk to your Boss in alone and tell him that all the employees are getting demotivated by such attitude of his.
    This will in turn affect the growth of the company.
    Tell him to kindly stop abusing the employees and instead talk to them more efficiently and effectively.


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    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking

    Dear this thing is absolutely not acceptable by any candidate or employee of the company because the abusive language is not allowed at anywhere in the world means as - Educational Institutes, Working Offices, Religious Places etc. but your manager do that with the employees and each one is not feeling so good during the working hours and when he abuse you so dear, you should directly go to the manager but do not go alone, bring each one from your office and ask them for your help against this and i am sure that they would definitely help you out about this matter and go everyone to the manager's office and do not speak alone, tell him together about his behavior that how much and how many times he hearted you all and tell him about his exact mistake that what they do during to make the employees understand, tell him that when we are working properly and providing enough and complete performance in our work and when you have no issue from out work then why do you abuse all of us unnecessarily and it is really agianst of our feelings and if you would continue on your way then it may affect our work and performance and ask him for promise to you all that he would never use abusive langugae during to working hours or anywhere

    All the best

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    Re: My boss uses abusive language when talking

    hi friend, its important that you have good self respect one who don't respect yourself can never respect others so you should have healthy respect towards you...don't resist abusive language ,report this matter to higher authorities without hesitation even at risk, because its difficult for a employee to work at these conditions...

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