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    My boss is not ready to give me any increment after promising me the same for the past 2 years

    I am working in a private firm. For the past 2 years my boss has been promising me an increment as I have always performed consistently. But now he is not ready to give me the same and is also not giving me any reason for the same. What should I do in such a situation?

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    Re: My boss is not ready to give me any increment after promising me the same for the past 2 years

    Dear this is the time when you can do nothing because you have also tried to convey your boss about this issue but he is not ready to give you any proper reason behind your pending increment in the job so you should not discuss more about this from your boss otherwise this will be the wastage of your precious time and just think about sometime else that what can be the actual way for you to get valuable designation

    You should post your resume in some companies and explain about your work and experience so I am sure that you are experienced of more than 2 year then you will definitely get the job because you have an ability to provide your best to another organization and when you get the call letter from another company then you should show that to your boss and request your boss to provide you your experience certificate and all other details of work that you have done in the company so your boss may be shocked because you did not inform your boss about this issue and got a new job on the basis of your qualification and experience

    He will ask you for the reason that why didn't you tell me about this then you should say that sir I need something more in my life that is why I want a very good and reputed job with higher pay scale than that of present that is why I applied for another job and I got because of you because you taught me more about the business and whatever I am at present is because of you only so that your very much

    Your boss will listen and will say that you do not need to get any other job and leave this company because your boss know that you are the consistent performer in the company and can do better for his company so they will try to make you understand about the current job then that would be the right time when you can ask for your right and possibly your boss will offer you that we are giving you increment in the current job but just do not leave this company so be strict and say that what would I say to that new company where I have promised and if you want that I spoil my image in telling them sorry then I can not do this even if you want me to not leave the job then I am ready but give me some more increment and hikes in the salary with higher designation so I will say to them sorry and continue in this job so your boss will understand your requirement and give you hikes from the next month of your job then you can say thank you to your boss

    All the best

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