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    My boss is not hiring personnel needed as a result burden is all upon me

    I am working in a consultancy firm where I am working as HR head. Earlier when I joined, I was provided with good number of staff members who helped me in recruitment process but after 6 months of my joining almost all the staffs has been fired and all burden came upon me. No hiring is now done by my employer. Please help me that what can I do against it?

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    Re: My boss is not hiring personnel needed as a result burden is all upon me

    Hi aspirant

    Your employer has certainly put a lot of burden on your shoulders by not hiring any new employees to assist you in your work. You should certainly raise your voice against this injustice being done to you and should definitely speak to your boss regarding this.You should go to your boss's office and speak to him personally so that you can make him realise that what he is doing is absolutely wrong.

    Tell him that when you earlier joined , you were provided with good number of staff who helped you during the recruitment process but now after 6 months almost all the staff has been fired and now all the burden has come upon you. So you request him to recruit new staff who will help you in the recruitment process and so that you will be relieved of this excessive burden. You are not able to manage it alone and have thus come to him. You hope that he will understand your problem.

    I am sure your boss will try to understand you and hopefully will recruit new employees. Otherwise if he doesn't , you straightaway report this ti the higher authorities whoi will definitely solve your problem.

    All the best and Thanks

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    Re: My boss is not hiring personnel needed as a result burden is all upon me

    This is a concerning problem since it will not only increase your work pressure but also can affect your health in the long run if it continues.Due to greater work pressure,the chance of committing mistakes also increases.Hence,you should take steps to solve this problem otherwise it might have various bad consequences in future.

    -First of all,discuss this problem with the employer.
    -Explain him all the problems that you and your department is facing.
    -Try to make him understand the bad consequences which can result if this goes on.
    -Explain the negative effects on your department.
    -Highlight the importance of staff requirement for proper functioning of your sector of your firm.
    -Request for recruitment of staff in your department.

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    Re: My boss is not hiring personnel needed as a result burden is all upon me

    The workplace provides unquestionably put a great deal of weight in shoulders by not really choosing almost any innovative staff to direct you towards the work. You must unquestionably yell from this injustice getting implemented to you and also should truly speak with your supervisor relating to this.You must go to your boss's office environment and consult with him privately to help you get him to comprehend of which just what exactly they is performing is perfectly wrong.

    Tell him of which after you before joined , you were given good portion regarding staff members who seem to helped a person through the recruiting course of action but now immediately after 6 a few months almost all the staff members has become let go and today just about all the duty is now upon you. Which means you obtain him to hire innovative staff members who will direct you towards the recruiting course of action and so that you can be relieved of your increased burden. You actually find it difficult to manage it on your own and have so reach him. You actually hope of which he'll understand the problem.

    More than likely your employer is going to aim to understand you and also with luck , is going to hire innovative employees. If not in the event they does not , a person right away report that ti the bigger authorities whoi will definitely clear up the problem.
    This is a relating to trouble because it won't just increase your function demand although may have an impact on your quality of life in the long run whether it continues.Due to higher function demand,the risk of carrying out problems furthermore increases.Hence,you need to do something to unravel this problem normally it will have numerous undesirable effects around future.

    To start with,go over this problem while using employer.Explain him just about all the issues of which both you and your unit will be facing. Make an effort to get him to understand the not so good effects which will might result in the event this goes on.
    Explain the side effects for your department. Highlight the need for staff members requirement of right functioning of one's industry of one's firm.Request to get recruiting regarding staff members with your department.

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