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    My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time

    I am working in a private company. My boss has promised me that the next month he will surely be giving me a promotion. So I was very happy as I will be getting a promotion after such a long time. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, he left the company just few days back. Now I am sure that I will not be getting my promotion and am very depressed. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time

    Hi Dear,

    Do not let your hopes and dreams get sucked into a dark tunnel of despair
    . If you have been doing good job and have performed well throughout the appraisal year, no one can stop you from getting promoted. Our work and attitude plays an important role in getting promotion and not any manager's support or back ups. You need to stand on your own because any support in our life is temporary and short-lived. So, have faith in your performance till date and continue exhibiting your sincerity towards your job.

    Also, try overcoming self-doubts and keep up your aspiration to climb up the corporate ladder. Remain positive and cool. If you deserve a promotion, then you will get it. The only condition here is that your work should have been notable in the past and even at present you must not stop toiling hard.

    Wish you luck!

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    Re: My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time


    Do not get depressed friend. It will just increase your problems instead of solving them. Stay calm and relaxed. Relaxed mind will help you to think of some better idea. Think of some alternative way and keep working hard and smart.

    You can talk to your previous boss about it. Tell him that if he can talk to your new boss and get you promoted. Your old boss can only convince the new boss about your capabilities to get promotion. So it is necessary that he talks to him. While you directly do not go to your new boss and talk about it.

    ALso keep working hard with new creative ideas. You must learn new things which will help you to get better job and also promotion. If you increase your skills in your area then you will get promotions quickly.

    If you are working for long time in this company then it is sure you will get promotion. But you must keep up your spirit and continue working hard to achieve your goal.

    Do not let yourself down or feel bad. It is matter of luck that your boss left. But think positively that you will be more lucky because new boss came. Your new boss can promote you at a faster rate or as soon as possible.

    Positivity is very important to achieve something. So no matter what happens always stay positive and think positive.

    All the best

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    Re: My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time

    According to me check your documents related to increment policies. If you found that you have complete that amount of time period in same company then i am dam sure that you get at least some increment.
    And if you have no documents then write a "Email" to your management team that your past boss have made some commitment related to your increment. So you need to discuss this matter asap.
    Also i am pretty sure that management team will take some good and positive action related to your increment. Just wait for sometime days and see that what management decided. Do not take urgent actions related to your action.

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    Re: My boss left the company at a time when I was going to get a promotion after a long time

    Leave that thing that your boss left the company so you will not get the promotion, i can understand the situation that you are facing right now because i have also gone through the same situation in my life so you need to have some patience right now because you are not depending on that boss you are dependant on your tasks.
    So if you are good at your work then nobody can say that you are not good.
    Well you can keep your good work so that the new boss will see that and recommend you for the promotion as well.
    You can also do one thing that you have to write a letter after one month of joining of the new boss throwing the light on the situation that you have been gone through before the boss reignation.
    After that if he find that you are a deserving candidate for the promotion then it will be good for you..
    You can also write in the letter that from last couple of years you are not getting the promotion inspite of working so hard for the company then they will feel the problems that you have faced.
    After that if they give you promotion then its fine or you should give resignation if situation gets more complex because if you join the new company then you will get good salary and higher position as well.

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