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    My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    I am working in a software company. Since I have joined this company, my boss has been overtly criticizing me for everything and he even has a problem with my handwriting. I donít know what mistake have I committed due to which he behaves with me in such a manner. How to tackle such a boss?

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    Don't get stressed, some times it happens when you are not able to tune with your boss properly.

    As you are saying that he is always criticizing you, possibly he might not be correct in all things but if he is correct some times like as about your handwriting

    than you should consider your those weakness.

    Work hard on those weakness of yours and try to improve them.

    It can prove to be a great thing if you are able to over come those weakness.

    As your boss will feel that you are listening to him carefully which will have a great impression on him.

    This is a common fact that every boss likes to be listened and followed.

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    Hi friend

    Your boss should definitely not be misusing his power in such a way and should be more responsible towards his employees. In this way he is just making enemies with his employees and he needs to realise his mistake soon before its too late. You should definitely not withstand such injustice from him and should go and resolve this matter with him. find out if he has any problems with you and go and resolve them amicably with him.

    Go to his office and speak to him personally. Tell him that you have been noticing that he always criticizes you since you have joined. Even your handwriting is brought under the scanner. You want to know the reason for such behaviour and if you have hurt him in anyway you are really sorry for that. You want to maintain to maintain good relations with him and expect the same from him. You hope that he will look into this matter and will definitely help you out.

    I am sure that your boss will definitely understand your point and hopefully will help you out in this matter. Good luck

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    Dear Friend,

    With a simple friendly but sincere dialogue with your boss you could resolve this problem.

    You may need to talk to him in a pleasant morning when he is also in a good mood.

    Say to him as humble as you could in such a way that you have done something wrong.

    He will clarify your doubts which may not be as severe or as complex as you think.

    So do it as fast as possible since lagging this process will cause develop a huge gap between your boss and yourself.

    Avoid that circumstance.

    Wish you all the best.

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    Dear when your boss is not satisfied with you then first of all you should see the fault in yourself and memorize your all works and duties which are given to you by boss and also try to see that have you ever done any mistake during to your work or ever disrespected your boss during your job in that company and if you find nothing then you should think that your boss has any personal problem with you because no one do such type of behavior with anyone in the company or anywhere but you should not stop yourself here and try to know the accurate reason but do not go to the boss and if your boss say that your handwriting is not good then you should try to improve that also with your work and try to perform good and give good result to the company then you may see some changes because if your boss will get something good from you then he will leave behaving bad with you

    All the best

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    I completely understand that this can get really nerving at times when your boss has a problem with virtually everything that you do. It tends to lower ones' confidence level. Also I feel that the best weapon in such a case is to just be patient. With your boss you always have to be a good listener. Pay attention to whatever your boss says and try to improve on the points that he says.

    At the same time it is also important that this continuous perturbing by your boss does not bother you to an extent that it starts taking a toll on you. The work pressure in an MNC is already too high. So you should pay attention to whatever criticism that you think is positive. Maintain your cool and at the same time make sure that you give it your best shot! All the best!

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting


    You have mentioned in your post that your boss is unhappy with what ever you do,infact he even has problem with your hand writing.Now let me tell you frankly,at this point of time it is not possible for you to change your hand writing.All you can do is to leave some space and write it in a way that is clean and readable.Regarding your work performance I can say that you have to try your best,give your 100% and your aim should be to excel in your field.If your boss finds you that you have trying really hard,then atleast he will give you some acknowledgement for your effort.

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting


    It will be very wrong if you will show this kind of attitude n front of your boss , so my friend you can follow these points..

    1. Try to find out everything , that your boss do not like about you.
    2. Try to sort out all that issue.
    3. Complaining against your boss will take you to another problem, so don't share this kind of feeling with your another co-employees.
    4. Rectify all your mistake and be good in your work.


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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting

    Dear aspirant I have seen your statement your boss always behave with you oddly which you do not like, recentlyhe start's absconding you due to your handwriting.Under the circumstances you are thinking what to do.

    Dear friend if you really feel bad about the behaviour of your boss then you take hard decision against your boss.

    1.Whenever you feel discomfort about his bad behavious you give objection.

    2.You must raise the issue with your colleague and ask them to mitigate the problem.

    3.Whenever your boss he create problem with your handwriting you must raise objection.

    4.You ask the boss you must not annoy me always if you have any perfect issue against me plese issue notice.

    5.Verbally you are annoying me since my joining you should change your activities about your colleague.

    Sir maintain the policy "live let live".

    Thank You,

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    Re: My boss has problem with everything including my handwriting


    Don't worry, many of us are facing this issue in the organisation...
    The issue of hand writing is upto you...get some practice...don't shy for the same...do it at home...if the same is not happening at office...practice can make your handwriting good...hence the issue will close...

    Regarding not liking you by your boss is the issue...which needs to be resolved...Go and sit with your boss and gossip different type of things...matter might not relevant to official some time...in this way you will get the essence of your boss, his liking and not likings needs to be identified and that needs to be analysed...

    You have to know why he is not liking from the very beginning....

    Otherwise you can have a discussion in this regard to your boss....discussion will clear many things...

    Good luck..

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