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    My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication

    I belong to a State secondary Education Board. So I do not have a fluency in communicating through English. For this reason my boss is displeased with me and is promoting to higher posts even if I am performing well. I am trying to improve but all are in vain.

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    Re: My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication

    First of all you must not think like this. See it doesn't matters from which type of school you belong. You can find your classmates who can speak english very well as of they had also taken same education as you did. This preoccupied thinking that you are not a person who can learn english due to your education background is effecting you very much in learning to speak english. Learning to speak a language is not a one day task. Different people may take different amount of time depending on individual capabilities. But if you work in right manner for learning English sooner or later you will improve. Your target must be to improve each and every day with english speaking. Make efforts each and every day and make small targets that can be easily achievable. Gradually you will see improvement in your language.

    This feeling will build a confidence in you which is very important thing to speak any language. Don't be fast and try to complete things fastly it will not help you much. For assigning targets you can take help from a private English tutor who can guide you in the process. Tell him that you want to learn to speak english. Give your hundred percent and whatever you learn each and every day try to work on it and use it. This will help you in learning faster.

    Just keep in mind that you don't have to complete a course, you have to learn something so that you can use it every time you want.

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    Re: My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication

    Hello Friend,

    Don't worry at all. There are many people in the industry who share your problem.
    You too can improve your English Communication skills. There are many professional
    institutes in the market where you can enhance your English communication skills. You
    should try the following institutes,

    1. British Institutes.
    2. British Council.
    3. British School of Language.
    4. Tranzition Institute for Exellence.

    You should contact any one of them and join their English communication course.


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    Red face Re: My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication

    No doubt English...fluent English is very essential specially in commercial world where Everywhere now and then one has to deal with authorities , clients , new projects and new people etc etc and the only dealing medium we have is via. English only!
    Its not compulsory to speak very vocabulary and hard English in order to communicate but whats important is the correct speaking skills and you should not stammer in between.

    The only possible way to start to speak good fluent English is by practicing daily and practicing a lot!
    The best way out is by talking on any condition yourself in mirror assuming the situation and try speak in full confidence and facial expressions.
    Beside this make a habit of writing down an article regularly on any recent on goin issue with very peculiarities and read newspaper daily ans also read novels if you get time and try grasp the commonly used sentences from there.practice them and adopt them in your daily life.

    And just with this regular practice and having confidence of whatever you are speaking is very accurate would turn you in a lot better situation very soon.

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    Re: My boss is displeased with me for my terrible English communication


    There is no need to to worry so much about improving your communication skills. If you are putting in your best efforts, you will get the fruit of your labor one day. Not only you need to Converse in English every time but also start thinking in English. Also, in addition to brushing up your communication skills you should continue being good at your other skills because there are other aspects also which are considered while getting promoted. Moreover, as of now, just overlook the behavior of your boss because at the end of the day if your work is good then he will be bound to appreciate you and give you promotion instantly.


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