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    My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work

    I am a firm believer that real efficiency is when you can complete your work in the regular working hours. But my boss believes the opposite, he stays in the office till late even when there is no work just to show that he is busy. He also comments on my habit of being on time. What do I do to make life easier for both of us?

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    Re: My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work

    Hi buddy

    Here I am certainly with your belief and also believe in what you think about being efficient when you can complete your work in the regular working hours. Your boss is certainly wrong when he thinks that staying late in the office is being more efficient. You must stick to your ideology and not listen to your boss when he tries to show you that you are wrong and that what he is doing is right.

    JUst be patient and ignore your boss for sometime. Then maybe he will stop commenting on your habit unnecessarily. But if he still insists and continue commenting on your habit of being on time then you tell him politely that you believe in punctuality and completing your work on time. Diffferent people have diffferent beliefs. You respect him for his belief and he should respect you for following your belief.

    I hope your boss understands you and thus makes life easier for you. Good luck buddy

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    Re: My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work

    hello friendI think it is very critical problem to solve the issue.you should shape yourself into the environment of company or office.Because in working there is very important to make positive relation or being cooperate with all official members.generally bosses or manager want to more n more work from an employee so he/she pertains for being late or busy.You should do work only the speed of accurately that match to ending time of working.this late timing will be very positive attitude for you because it will reduce your overload of work and the disturbance of boss.so try to it

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    Re: My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work


    It is true that efficiency is the talent of working smart.
    Completing work on time is the best.
    Working overtime to complete the undone work is not a smart work.

    Your boss thinks the opposite, then change his attitude.
    You set an example of your belief.
    You complete your work o time and do not work over time.

    Then tell your boss that you have worked well like the other colleagues without working over time and being regular.
    So, the over time workers are not real hard workers.
    And hard work is good but smart work is best.

    Good luck

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    Re: My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work

    Hello friend
    we know as if a person is concentrate on his work and doing with will finish then it is much more than those persons who are continuously work for many hours but some time some person are show that they are work for a long time but did not do anything same situation is suffering you right now . What you have to do is that just concentrate on your work because when at the end of the when the result came up then your boss will automatically understand your passion towards work
    Thanking you

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    Re: My boss believes that a person who works overtime is doing the real work

    Dear being good with boss in relations and communication is very necessary at present because employer is everything for us that is why you should respect your employees as you do but your boss also should be enough respective to others and all employees and respect their views and thinking because everyone has personal life and separate thoughts and no one is abide to follow others because everyone can think independently and live their life with freedom that is why do not worry about this issue and just keep your performance consistent in your company so your manager will see your work and performance that is increasing everyday and one day he will definitely give you something more

    Because you believe that employees should be continue in working hours with their best for the company so that your thinking is completely right at this place and now you just have to think at once that if your boss shows off that he is too busy in work when there is no necessary work then do not worry because this is his own problem and you do not need to get involved in this issue but may be that your boss is really busy for entire day in various work because managing a company is not easy at this time and participation is being increased so you should also respect the busyness of your boss

    Do your work until working hours are over and do not leave the work behind or incomplete because incomplete work can not be treated positive that is why you should make a good target everyday that you have to complete this task today and keep continue with your busyness and if your boss is showing busyness after working hours then you should show your busyness while working hours and keep yourself busy so your boss will see that you are too busy for entire day and can not get any disturbance in the work while working hours and will understand

    You should give sometime to your boss also means when you come to the office the say hello and good morning to your boss and ask about the day and wish for a nice day to your boss and when you leave then say good evening and have a nice time so this effects the behavior of employees and if you forget this type of necessary correspondence then you will spoil your image

    All the best

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