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    Misbehaviour with female candidate but no strict action

    It is a recent incident that one of our female colleague along with a male one went for their training to Mumbai at headquarters scheduled for 3 days. The very next day we got to know that the female employee has been tried to sexually harass by the male employee went with her. Although she was called off immediately by our boss but no strict action against the later one was taken. Please suggest right of female employee against such things.

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    Re: Misbehaviour with female candidate but no strict action

    Hi aspirant

    The male employee who tried to sexually harass the female employee should certainly be punished and thus not allowed to get away with such a serious mistake. He should definitely be punished by your management and maybe even terminated from his job for such a grave mistake. Sexually harassing a female is against the law and your boss should realise this. Also that female employee should take strict action in this regard and can even drag the male employee to court if she wants.

    Firstly that female employee should go the boss and tell him to punish the male employee for what he has done to her and to terminate his services. If they dont do anything she would be forced to drag this matter court which would lead to the downfall in the reputation of the comapany. So if they want to save their reputation , they should punish the employee by terminating his services. Otherwise she doesnt have any option but to take this matter to court.

    I am sure your company will certainly punish the employee and thus your female employee will get the justice she deserves. If the matter is taken to court then the male can be sent to jail .

    Good luck and Thanks

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