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    Merging Provident Fund account with Salary account

    Is it possible for me to merge the PF account with the Salary account. If so can you please tell me the steps to be followed for that? If not, why I cannot do that? Please provide me the right information and I am waiting for your valuable replies.

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    Re: Merging Provident Fund account with Salary account

    Hello Guest
    Yes it is possible to merge your PF account with salary account for that you need to deposit the photocopy of your passbook to your department and a application for linking the account,But there is a risk if in future you engage yourself in any kind of trouble which cease your salary then your whole account will be ceased in which you will be losing your deposited money too . If you think that you will not engage yourself in any kind of activity then you may go for sure.
    Hope the post was useful , Please feel free to ask further.
    Thank you

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