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    Are the media courses run by TV channels career worthy?

    I see many media courses being run by various TV channels such as Aaj Tak and NDTV which are advertised on TV. Are these courses career worthy i.e. the diploma provided by them is valid in colleges and other institutions and will I be able to apply for foreign jobs on the basis of those qualifications?

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    Re: Are the media courses run by TV channels career worthy?


    Yes, they are worthy. Many students are getting hired by them after completing
    course from the Aaj Tak or NDTV group. But before enrolling there you should
    talk to former students about placements and other facilities.

    Yes, after working a couple of years in the industry you can work for foreign
    channels like DW TV Al Zazeera etc.


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    Re: Are the media courses run by TV channels career worthy?

    See as these courses are having a link with the channels itself than there are chances that you can get better opportunities as it is possible that the

    channel itself absorbs you.

    But the truth can be best known if you can contact to the students that have already taken such course or have completed the course.

    See the most important thing in doing a course in any field is that the facilities provided by the institution, as it is more of a practical course rather

    than theoretical so it is much important that you get all the experience from the course required.

    If such facilities are there and you are been taught properly than you don't need to be confused about your career.

    For applying to foreign jobs you need to first have an experience as there is much competition from around the world.

    So it is better that you gain some considerable experience keeping your target in mind.

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