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    MBBS intern doesn’t get stipends

    I am an MBBS student. I am working as an intern in government hospital. There is a rule of giving stipends to every student during the internship period. This is my second month of internship. But I couldn’t avail the facility to get stipend. What is the procedure to get it?

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    Re: MBBS intern doesn’t get stipends

    When you had joined the Hospital for doing the internship, you must have got the joining letter.
    It must contain the details about the amount of Stipend that will be paid to you.

    Now you need to approach the Accounts and Salary team of the Hospital and ask them about the Status of the stipend payment.
    If you do not get any proper response from them, than only you can approach the Medical Director of the hospital and he will help you in getting the stipend.

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    Re: MBBS intern doesn’t get stipends

    Hi. I am also going to start my internship soon so i think i can really help you out in this matter. Every MBBS student does get a stipend during the internship period every month. But i think most of the colleges only give those students stipend which are from their own college( i.e the interns ) while the others who are from some other college ( i.e. the externs) most probably are not paid any stipend.

    So if you are doing your internship in a hospital attached to your own college then certainly you are eligible for the stipend. But if you are an extern then you should consult the hospital/ college's academic branch in which you are working as an extern , about the stpend and i am sure they will certainly tell you whether you are eligible for the stipend or not.

    Now if you are eligible and still have not got the stipend , then again you should go the academic branch of the college and find out from them the reason for the delay. Also you may not have completed some formalities like filling some form etc. I am sure they will tell you about that.Also i think you have to open a separate bank account for encashing your cheque, Also ask them about that.

    Dont worry, you will surely get the stipend if eligible. Good luck

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